How to wear black stockings in the summer

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It is common to associate a pair of black stockings or tights with the winter or cold season, as these provide warmth to the body, being a recommended garment when dressing able to avoid the ravages of the weather. However, it should not be limited to this. Since those who live in tropical climates throughout the year should also have the option of wearing this type of piece. Therefore, its use should not be limited to a country, region, or season in specific.


 However, if it is the case that you live in a city where it is summer the whole year or you are already in that season of the year, and you still want to wear your black tights, well, no problem. Just take into account certain tips that we will give you here to wear them in the right way.


Black stockings are a very visual appeal. They slim your figure and can enhance femininity to impressive levels, even in hot weather. Besides, it’s considered a strategy for those who don’t have time to tan, like me, for example.


While it’s true that not all types of black stockings work for these dates, others look great with a lot of outfits, especially business ones, for the night or an outing with friends. Ready to find out more about them? Go for it!


How to wear stockings in summer?


Fashion Trends and Style - Black stockings - stockings

 For the summer, we can find many types of black stockings. This way, you can adapt them to all your particular needs, as I explained earlier. Do you want to know more? Take note of these tricks!


The full stockings.


Full stockings go from the waist to the feet. Generally, they are worn with closed shoes to hide the fact that you’re wearing them. In summer, wear thin ones to avoid excessive sweating and for an office outfit or a night out that you know will be outdoors.


The slit stockings.


They’re also fishnet stockings and remain open in the area of ​​the thighs. It’s perfect for allowing your thighs to breathe. You can adapt these stockings with garter belts.


How to wear black stockings?


Fashion Trends and Style - Black stockings - stockings

In short, it’s an accessory that cannot be missing in our wardrobe, as they look great in elevating the style of our outfit.


Today I want to bring you some combinations with black stockings to wear in the heat without feeling too hot.


Considering that they must be thin or mesh, many outfits will attract everyone’s attention.


Office look.


For an office look, you can opt for a tailored shorts suit and pair it with thin black stockings and heels. On the other hand, if you prefer a more casual look to go to work, combine them with a fresh dress, thin black stockings, and heels.


Nighttime Look. 


For a night-out look, go for a total black look with fishnet stockings, a black dress, and military-style boots. If you like a rocker style, combine fishnet stockings with denim shorts, white flannel, and boots.


How to wear patterned stockings?


Fashion Trends and Style - Black stockings - stockings

In the case of black socks, you can choose the thinnest ones with very subtle designs for the summer.


In this sense, it is best to be mesh type or something very discreet and not hot.


I recommend wearing socks combined with basic colors such as black, white, navy blue, or gray to achieve a neutral outfit.


However, the nude is also a very interesting option to make you look irresistible.


How to wear fishnet stockings elegantly?


Fashion Trends and Style - Black stockings - stockings

Fishnet stockings are widely criticized today because it’s thought that instead of lifting, they make you look bad. However, this is a myth and must be disproved. Fishnet stockings are gorgeous and so versatile. They stylize and hide imperfections, which makes them perfect.


As they are socks with holes, they’re simple and very cool to wear inside ripped pants. However, you can also wear them with skirts for an office look. On the other hand, you can also wear them with an elegant dress or a mini dress.


In this sense, it’s time to understand that no, they don’t make us look vulgar; quite the opposite. Many celebrities wear them with shorts and high boots. Do you want attractive legs? Dare to wear fishnet-type socks with a combination of your preference.


What kind of shoes can you wear with black stockings?


Fashion Trends and Style - Black stockings - stockings

In summer, we can also wear boots with stockings. However, wearing closed shoes is also viable (depending on the type of stockings we use).


Even if ankle boots are practically the ideal footwear for women of short stature because they lengthen their legs,


I want to invite you to experience the contrast with other colors.


Black stockings are perfect with heels, boots, and even sneakers. With the latter, you will achieve a very rocker and elegant style at the same time.


Keep in mind that socks will always elevate your look. Wear them with fresh, loose dresses, midi, and mini skirts.


How to wear open-shoe stockings?


Fashion Trends and Style - Black stockings - stockings

As a complement to style, black stockings are our best allies. And if you think wearing them with open shoes will lose your glamour, don’t worry, here I will give you some tips.


In the case of summer, the benefit of an open shoe lies in that you can wear your stockings as long as the seam isn’t visible between the toes. Also, a semi-transparent stocking will help you look more elegant.


Mesh or fishnet stockings are also perfect for any shoe. However, if you’re going to show your toes, choose them with not too large holes but something rather discreet and fine.


Black stockings, how I wear them in summer


Fashion Trends and Style - Black stockings - stockings

What do you think of these combinations for the summer? Do you already know how to go from an ordinary look to a beautiful one with this single garment?


At Fashion Trends, we approve of this trend of wearing it in summer, and we have found more than enough reasons to wear it at any time.


Succumbing to the charms of this daring garment will open doors to your sensuality. Dare to use them!


Break the stereotypes and what they will say, dress as you want, and show the world that style is part of who you are.


Especially now that being you is more than allowed in this wonderful industry.


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