Why are Birkenstock sandals in fashion?

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Considered the coolest footwear on the planet, Birkenstock sandals have conquered the hearts of many since they hit the market. They were born as orthopedic products, and it was both the boom and the love for them that they became a trend and an inexplicable fashionista boom.


This German footwear, particularly the Arizona model, has been one of the bestsellers seasons after season, considered an icon of “high fashion” and functional to take anywhere we want. They are the most sought after for their versatility, functionality and that they look good with almost everything.


For this reason, we know that they arrived this summer stomping, and the models that we will see the most are the classic double strap sandal and buckle like the clog. What do you think of this sandal? Is it one of your favorites?


Why is Birkenstock good?


Fashion Trends and Style - Birkenstock sandals - Footwear

This footwear is one of my favorites because they are biodegradable. Yes, you read that right: Biodegradable!


Have you had the opportunity to wear one of these?


The interesting thing is that each layer of these shoes is made of a specific material and that it fulfills some objective.


In this sense, the material used is a layer of cork and natural latex, a velvety suede leather cover, a jute layer (a material similar to flax and hemp obtained from a stem of a tropical plant called the same way), and a rubber sole.


Many models include a cushion that acts as the midsole.


On the other hand, its surface layer protects you by absorbing moisture from your foot. This sandal is also characterized by elasticity and resistance to cold and heat. Fits your foot and provides support. Do you already want yours? I think I’m thinking about it!


How should Birkenstock look?


Fashion Trends and Style - Birkenstock sandals - Footwear

If you plan to acquire this fabulous footwear, you must know what your size is, because all the benefits will only be possible if you acquire the perfect one that adapts to your foot. In this way, you will enjoy it more and will take advantage of it one hundred percent.


Also, this sandal allows natural movement without restriction making you feel like you are barefoot, which is why we already see celebrities and influencers wearing them in their daily looks.


What should you keep in mind? That when trying yours there is additional space at the ends for natural movement. Also, the feet should not touch the edges of the insole, as there should be a few millimeters of space between the front and back.


How to care for Birkenstock?


Fashion Trends and Style - Birkenstock sandals - Footwear

Like all our outfits, this shoe also needs your care for its durability. Do you want to know how to take care of yours? Grab a pencil and paper, I’m going to explain some tricks to you! You will need Old toothbrush, two cloths, leather soap, and water.


Remove visible dirt. 


Wipe the dust with one of the slightly damp cloths to remove dust and dirt. Find a lint-free cloth.


Wet clean. 


With a moistened brush, clean the straps on the outside and inside. While the inner part, with a little water and soap for leather, you can make a little lather and rub gently.


Eliminate the foam.


You are not going to put the sandal under the stream of water, you are going to clean it with the damp cloth and warm water directly.


Clean the sole.


With another damp brush, clean the sole and then with a cloth to finally let them dry for 24 hours at room temperature. It is important to leave them that way to preserve absorption. Don’t leave them in the sun. After this, you can brush them with a leather brush.


How to soften the Birkenstock?


Fashion Trends and Style - Birkenstock sandals - Footwear

These sandals are comfortable and perfect for our feet. However, when we first get them they aren’t as soft as they are painted to us.


They adjust over time. In this sense, to soften them faster, take these tips into account:


On the first day walk with them for 30 to 45 minutes.


Wearing them for longer can put stress on the foot before the sandal has adjusted. If they are uncomfortable before 30 minutes, remove them. Wear stockings for stiffness for the first few days.


The following week, use them for 1 to 2 hours. 


If they are new and you use them all the time, they can cause the insole to loosen. In this sense, day by day, the number of hours increases depending on how you feel.


Where is Birkenstock made?


Fashion Trends and Style - Birkenstock sandals - Footwear

They arose in the 17th century when Johann Adam Birkenstock entered the ecclesiastical archive of the city of Langen Bergheim, Germany, as a shoemaker and subject, according to GQ magazine. And there the story of this footwear arises.


It wasn’t until the next century that the third generation of the business manufactured flexible insoles, and many shoemakers adopted them. Taking them to be the official footwear of the wounded hospitalized after World War I. After that, in the 19th century when the first fitness sandal with a flexible base came out.


Now, why are they in fashion? I’ll explain it to you! It has a reason and today together with Fashion Trends I come to show you why so that you understand why they are favorites.


How to combine the Birkenstock?


Fashion Trends and Style - Birkenstock sandals - Footwear

Its versatility manages to build day or evening looks using dresses or pants. You can opt for a basic, casual, or summery look. For instance:


Casual look. 


Choose denim shorts, a basic white T-shirt, and an oversized button-down shirt in the same color. Combine them with your Arizona sandals for a very simple and chic outfit.


Basic look.


For mornings where we don’t have anything to wear, I recommend a shirt dress and a medium-sized bag to match some Birkenstock sandals. Ideal for errands!


Summer look.


Fresh layers, ideal to be in trend. Choose your favorite jeans with a basic t-shirt and cardigan to match your Birkenstock sandals.


Do you already know why these sandals are in fashion? In addition to being able to use them in summer, there is also a perfect model for autumn and those are the style called Boston. They come in a clog presentation made with materials such as felt and fur details that combine with everything. There are no more excuses!


At Fashion Trends we say yes to this trend and we know that they are in fashion because they are functional, versatile, comfortable, and help foot care and breathability. I want mine!