What are biker shorts? Find out how to wear them

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What are biker shorts? Find out how to wear them. There is no doubt that biker shorts have been in fashion for quite some time now. We can see them from street style to Billie Eilish’s concerts, where she wears them because they´re so easy to move around in. Plus, they look amazing on everyone.


But when did this trend emerge?


If you want to wear biker shorts but you’re still not sure how to do it, at Fashion Trends, we tell you everything you need to know. In addition to giving you some tips on how to wear and combine them more comfortably.


What are biker shorts?


Fashion Trends and Style - What are biker shorts? Find out how to wear them

Biker shorts, or cycling pants, are usually made of lycra that reaches from the waist to above the knees. But really, you can wear them in different fabrics and textures. The one we mention is the most common one, though.


Although they became a trend approximately five years ago (back then, they were not seen much) and continue to be so now, their use began much earlier. In the time of Lady Di. And, of course, it´s only fitting because they are a sign of being fearless, and she was without a doubt.


So, back then, she walked with them in an outfit championed by casual ease. Right now, huge celebrities like Kim Kardashian keep it in trend. It is a definitive revival for fashionistas, in a risky combination even for street style. They resurfaced from the 90s to fly over the catwalks from 2018 to 2023.


Biker shorts will mostly come in neutral colors such as black and white. Although they can also have different prints, you choose the one you prefer because they have evolved over the years.


Also, we know that cycling shorts have been dethroning leggings for some time now. Not only because of their comfort but because they are easier to combine. And as a bonus, you can show off your incredible legs!




Of course, wearing biker shorts has several advantages. Here, we will leave you some that will convince you to buy a pair.




Fashion Trends and Style - What are biker shorts? Find out how to wear them

Biker shorts are much more comfortable than regular pants or leggings. Their fabric also makes them quickly adapt to your body. They come in any size and for all types of figures.


Easy to combine


Biker shorts are one of the most versatile trends currently. You can combine them with oversized shirts. However, if this look is not what you like, you can wear hoodies and trench coats in the Emrata style.


They come in any color, making them even more versatile. A classic way to wear them is with a sweater and sneakers. Or you can just put them on to walk around the house however you like best.




There are actually many bike shorts you can find starting at USD 10. How about it? They are not too expensive. 


The price can also depend on the color or whether they have prints or not. And, of course, the fabric with which they have been made. For example, those with pockets (which are much more helpful) cost around USD 20.




Fashion Trends and Style - What are biker shorts? Find out how to wear them

If you have a biker short, rest assured that you will always be fresh. Especially during the summer months when the heat is at its highest. They allow the skin to breathe and breathe when you are sweating.


The lycra with which they are made also stretches and makes you much more comfortable without being tight. It also matches most sports shoes.


How to wear them?


It is important to figure out how to wear biker shorts since our outfit must look incredible and impressive. And, above all, comfortable. These are some ways you can wear this garment without failing.


Sweater + sneakers


Fashion Trends and Style - What are biker shorts? Find out how to wear them

This is a classic that everyone uses, and we see it a lot in street style. It can never fail. You can wear sneakers in neutral colors like white or black, but dare to wear what you like the most. At the same time, this combination is perfect if you want to create a super casual look. It is great for a relaxed occasion or to be comfortable at home, perhaps to go to the market.


T-shirt + blazer


This combination sounds a little strange, right? But we assure you that it looks good. We have seen Gigi Hadid wear it exquisitely in street style. The rule that we must remember is that when wearing biker shorts, the top garment must always be oversized.


That is why the shirt and blazer should both be larger sizes. You can choose them in neutral colors, like beige. Wear the biker shorts with a tucked-in t-shirt and a blazer.


Shirt + tennis


Fashion Trends and Style - What are biker shorts? Find out how to wear them

The shirt with tennis shoes and biker shorts is ideal if you want to adapt to the high summer temperatures while still looking good or being comfortable.


You can wear it with cycling shorts in warm tones, along with white sneakers, of course. Or you can also do a total beige look.


However, your sneakers must remain white to get a perfect match.


Mistakes you should avoid when wearing biker shorts


Fashion Trends and Style - What are biker shorts? Find out how to wear them

Like everything, there can be hits and misses. It’s normal, even in the fashion world. So, we are here to tell you what NOT to do when wearing your biker shorts.


  • Avoid models that are too long or short
  • Do not combine them with sock-type ankle boots
  • Don’t wear sneakers with socks
  • Avoid strappy sandals


As you can see, these are some mistakes you can’t make according to street style. However, remember that fashion is about creativity. Dare to wear what makes you feel most comfortable and what you like the most.


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