The best way to wear a skirt to stand out

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Did you know that a skirt can be a symbol of comfort, but also empowerment? The versatility of this garment is incredible and makes us all feel like empowered and confident queens. We can find a diverse variety and styles, colors, patterns, fabrics. At first glance, they can drive us crazy with discomfort, such as straight skirts or ones closer to our body. On the other hand, you can also choose long and loose bell skirts… Mid-calf, knees, ankles or mini, are some of the varieties that some important brands and stores show us.


However, there are certain rules that we must meet so that the skirt fits us well, as well as some criteria that we must take into account when wearing one. Here I will help you study them.


The first thing to take into account is that you have to feel comfortable with what you are wearing, this is how you can concentrate on your daily activities. Some skirts adapt to our body type and others do not. And knowing that gives us a plus to know how to highlight our attributes.


That’s why in collaboration with Yesstyle we will find for you the ideal skirt according to your taste and type of figure because as I mentioned before, not all shapes or types adapt to us.


If your body is in the shape of an inverted triangle


Fashion Trends and Style - Streetwear - Inverted triangle

What is this body type? If you have thin hips and are wider at the top, you have an inverted triangle figure.


The ideal skirts for you are those that are at the waist and with flights. Why? Because it will lengthen your legs and make you look thinner. The ideal length is up to the knee.


For this, Yesstyle has an incredible type of skirt in white in cut A that you will love. I want it for myself! You can buy it by clicking here


Now, if you like simple and loose, you can choose this one in combination with a loose and floral blouse. Buy by clicking here.


The versatile curves of the hourglass body


Fashion Trends and Style - Streetwear - Hourglass body

The best way to know if your body is this way is by looking at a mirror. You must pay attention to your waist, hips, and bust. You have an hourglass figure if your waist is smaller than both your bust and hips.


This type of body is perfect to accentuate the figure with any type of skirt. How lucky, I already wish I had that waist! However, the most recommended option is the pencil or mini skirt at the waist. At Yesstyle, you will find several beautiful options. Nonetheless, I decided that this is the one I loved the most since it’s a classical two-piece.


It also includes a top with a pearl button closure at the back and a skirt with a crinkle design. Thanks to it, you will scream class wherever you go! You can buy it by clicking here. 


Now, if you like daring and short styles, we also bring you this option of a mini skirt, in black and ruffles that will give you an enviable rock star air. You can buy it by clicking here 


We also say yes to skirts with flower, polka dot, or animal print patterns, especially when they are loose and flared. However, be careful not to use this type of pattern on tight skirts, because it will create more volume than desired.


The elegance of the pear-like body


Fashion Trends and Style - Streetwear - Pearl body

The pear-type body is one that I particularly love because the volume is fully in the hips.


In your case, they can help you accentuate the upper part of your body with a maxi or plain skirts without textures.


The volume will help to “compensate”. At Yesstyle, they have beauties for this type of body, some a bit flared and versatile.


With them, you will look elegant and stylish no matter where you go. You can acquire it by clicking this link.


We have another option that could also favor your figure, you can find it here. 


Rectangle-shaped figure


Fashion Trends and Style - Streetwear - Rectangle shaped figure

Do you have a waist almost at the height of your hips? If so, it’s rectangular.


The ideal skirt for you is the A-cut skirt and they can be pleated or printed. You can also choose long skirts with short vests or jackets to find the perfect proportion.


In Yesstyle, you can find several models but we want to show you this type.


A pleated skirt that you can find in navy blue, yellow, red, beige, light blue, and black. To buy it, just click here


We also loved this other metallic model which you can look at here


Your height is also important in deciding which skirt suits you


Fashion Trends and Style - Streetwear - Height

If you are small in stature or a minion like me, I recommend not wearing way too long skirts as they will make you look even smaller. Instead, wear short skirts that don’t have too much volume. In Yesstyle, you can find several types. With them, you will look very sexy and may even give the illusion of longer legs. You can get by clicking here 


In my case, I go crazy with all the variety of options that Yesstyle offers us. I want every single piece that fits my body type and height. Remember that we must always find balance in our wardrobe. For this, we offer you one more garment which goes well with anything. Try it here


The versatility of skirts impresses us more every day since they are perfect for any occasion, not to mention the office. So, even if it has always been thought of as something formal, by finding the right one you can make it a double look of day and night. You can wear it with heels or flats. No matter what you choose, depending on your accessories, you will take everyone’s breath away wherever you go.


It’s worth reminding you that to wear a skirt you have to take into account the type of lingerie you’re going to wear and if you’re using a mini skirt. On the other hand, your blouse shouldn’t be too flashy, but rather neutral, since this will help balance your outfit. And if you have no idea how to combine any other type of skirt, stripes are the answer!


Fashion trends value your opinion


Anyway, there is a lot of variety and at Fashion Trend we are delighted to share them with you. We want everyone to be able to dress well and comfortably, so without anything else to add, tell us on our social media what your body type is and the skirt you will buy.