The best Tips to wear sequins during the day

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If you are a lover of shine, then you have come to the ideal place, because we have come here to share the best tips to shine during the day and not feel that you are out of touch with humanity. So, if you are one of those who loves to wear sequins during the day, stay because at Fashion Trends we bring a series of tips that could be of value to you and your style.


Actually, sequins are one of the most spoiled garments by women in the world and it is something that has been passed down from generation to generation. They are a symbol of elegance and femininity, so if you want to learn how to combine them in the day, I bring you some incredible tips so that you shine at all times.


Are you ready to find out more? Put on your sunglasses, because, by the end of this article, you will be prepared to blind everyone (not literally).


How to wear sequins on the day?


Fashion Trends and Style - The best Tips to wear sequins during the day - blouses

Yes, it is possible to shine day and night. Don’t limit yourself if you love glitter. At this time it is already allowed to be free to be and dress as we feel best. The important thing is to continue maintaining the balance and balance between the combinations that we decide to carry. Write down these combinations!


Mix with casual clothes.


Think T-shirts, denim shirts, and tennis shoes. If you wear sequins with them every day, you subtract formality and you will have a look worthy of what you think is best.


Play with textures without complications.


Without stealing attention, you can use soft or relaxed fabrics such as oversized jeans and sweaters so that your outfit shines brighter than the sun.


Makeup, natural.


While the goal of sequins is to draw attention to that garment, combining them with heavy makeup can be well over the top. So you can choose a lighter one so that there is balance. Avoid gloss and shine in shadows, choose matte tones.


Layers, layers, and more layers. 


Don’t be afraid to combine sequin blouses with other pieces like a vest, jacket, or slip dress. This combination will create a very unique and fun outfit.


To keep the range neutral and contrast the glitter of the sequins, you can always choose sober colors. You can opt for ocher, dark tones, and smooth pieces so that your look is the best of the best.


How to wear the sequin blouses?


Fashion Trends and Style - The best Tips to wear sequins during the day - blouses

Sequin looks are the favorite of almost all women involved in the world of fashion. They make us shine with sparkles and are special when embroidery makes them sparkle.


That is why I invite you to be sure how to wear this garment with a metallic shine.


We love the way they are used which makes them functional for a ball gown or casino night in Las Vegas. However, it is no longer just for that. Sequin blouses are spectacular to wear to a party or daytime gathering.


In a cropped top.


With jeans or dress pants it will become an excellent companion for your sequins. Remember to balance with neutral colors for balance between garments.


Sequin blouse with black pants.


For the day or the night, it is ideal to formalize your outfit. So if you decide to take him to the office or for an afternoon outing with his friends, he is more than approved.


With puffy sleeves.


Take it when you wear it, you will look elegant and very formal, so I invite you to wear them with puffy sleeves for that afternoon outing to museums that you want to do so much.


Combine it with jeans. 


Casual, chic, and full of alternatives that you can vary with shoes to get different styles.


Why wear sequins?


Fashion Trends and Style - The best Tips to wear sequins during the day - blouses

Because I am convinced that you love to shine with this type of texture and now you can wear it at all hours. You should wear sequins to keep showing your romantic, feminine, and tasteful personality. Although sometimes we can find ourselves at a crossroads of not knowing very well how to include it in the look, I recommend that you dare to do it without running the risk of losing elegance.


In this sense, you must learn to put together your outfit full of style, but not too flashy, because sequins in themselves are extremely captivating visual attention and that is where the looks will go. Also, keep in mind that shine is already equal to volume, so you don’t need anything extra.


Now, don’t worry too much. You don’t need to be an expert in this world of fashion to learn the necessary combinations with sequins for the day.


One garment at a time.


It is extremely important that you choose only one garment with sequins, only one so as not to saturate the look and that it becomes the focus of attention.


Always wear them with casual or basic clothes.


Fashion Trends and Style - The best Tips to wear sequins during the day - blouses

In short, all part of the good wardrobe that we have at home, so I recommend that you take it with one of them.


If it is a single color, much better. Also have a simple cut like a white shirt, denim, jeans or tennis shoes.


Simple fabrics. The idea is not to steal the spotlight from the sequins. So you don’t need anything too over the top, as the sequins shine on their own.


It is unnecessary to give them even more prominence. So wear soft, relaxed fabrics that are light in color to make you shine.


In details and accessories. 


Fashion Trends and Style - The best Tips to wear sequins during the day - blouses

You do not necessarily have to wear sequins in a garment, you can also use them in accessories or details, in shoes, garments, whatever you prefer. The important thing is that you decide what you decide they will always steal attention, so make sure that what you wear is sober.


Choose matte finish


It doesn’t just have to be brilliant. There are two types of finish: matte and glossy. In this sense, if you want to look very glamorous by day, but not too flashy, opt for a matte since it’s discreet and elegant.


What do you think about the sequins? Do you already want to take it everywhere? At Fashion Trends we say yes to wearing them at any time of the day. It is more than approved. Save, comment, and share with whomever you think needs to know about this.