The best 5 tips to be a fashionable mom

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The best 5 tips to be a fashionable mom. I’m sure that since your baby was born, you have not stopped sending photos to all your family and friends like the proud mother you are. Moreover, your cell phone must be full of photographs of when they opened their eyes, slept, ate, or made a funny face. You focus so much on them and their needs that you forget the most important thing in the world besides your baby: yourself.


I know that the first few weeks, even the first few years, can be complicated. You must adapt to a new routine, sleep schedules, stains on clothes, bottles, diapers, and the hormonal changes that the body goes through crying, laughing, getting angry, all over again.


Now, while it’s true that after giving birth you won’t get the body of a magazine model the next day, I’m going to teach you some tips to be a fashionable mom.


How to be a fashionable mom?


First, we must remember that comfort and saving time is the priority when it comes to getting dressed. Because of this, we will start from there. We are avoiding falling into the monotony of the outfits and maintaining, of course, speed and comfort.


Run, find a pencil and paper while your baby sleeps, so you can write down how to look chic in motherhood! Because believe me, IT IS possible.


Comfortable and very fashionable outfits


Fashion Trends ans Style - fashionable mom - mothers

We will need versatile garments to run, bend over and sit in the park to walk your son or daughter, all simultaneously. There is a way to combine it all without dying trying.


The mom jean is one of those key and timeless garments that will get you out of trouble. They go with everything and allow you freedom when it comes to moving. Preferably high-waisted to be comfortable and shape your figure. However, if you don’t feel ready for this garment, opt for jogger-style pants.


For their part, t-shirts are a key that we can consider when combining those jeans or joggers. They’re comfortable, fresh, and perfect with any bottom garment. When it comes to footwear, choose sneakers with braids or flat sandals.


Fabrics with drape


Fashion Trends ans Style - fashionable mom - mothers

You can stylize your new figure (remember, it’s temporary) with light and airy fabrics with natural and straight falls.


I don’t recommend pleats to avoid drawing attention to where you don’t want attention to go.


A good option is that the top and bottom are separated and that the shirt you choose falls slightly above the pants.


For example, combine leggings with a t-shirt on the outside.




Fashion Trends ans Style - fashionable mom - mothers

Being a mother doesn’t mean that you should forget about dresses. In fact, this garment is one of the easiest to wear and remove when you have to be in public.


It also gives you freedom of movement. To achieve this effect, you should choose a dress with an A-line and midi length.


You can stand out with prints, colors, stripes, and geometric figures.


Now, if you prefer neutral colors, try them. Your taste, your style!


Formal with a touch of informal is always a good option


Fashion Trends ans Style - fashionable mom - mothers

We are in a time when everything is allowed. And in the case of the formal with the informal, it’s an interesting option to take into account.


You will look terrific!


It would be best if you combined a monochrome t-shirt, jeans, blazer, or your favorite jacket to achieve this.


This way, you won’t look disheveled even if you wear a bow on your head and zero makeup.


Wear clothes in your size


Oversize is indeed in fashion, which means you can use this well-used trend. However, nothing too over the top as an excuse not to groom yourself. Okay? Okay. If you wear clothes of your size, it will help you accept your body and your figure. Besides, with curves, you can also look fabulous. Don’t hide them!


How does a mom dress?


Whether you have some extra pounds or are super slim, a mom is looking for practicality and comfort. Dress up super-fast to save time and give your full attention to everything else.


Now, there is no perfect formula for that; however, there are some things that we can take into account to dress you:


Swap makeup for sunglasses


You probably don’t even have time to wash your face. Thankfully, you can wear sunglasses to go outside during the day without anyone noticing those dark circles (30 seconds of cover-ups won’t hurt, though).


Forget about heels


Now the fastest and most comfortable for swollen feet are ballerinas or slippers. They’re the perfect option for those races you must do throughout the day.


How should a 30-year-old woman dress?


Are you 30 years old and already a mother? Don’t worry, this doesn’t mean that your way of dressing will change forever. But it will vary a bit, and you can do it in many styles. I bring you some fantastic ideas to dress.


Keep reading to find out which ones!


Jumpsuits are an ally


In addition to being in season, it’s comfortable and versatile even when you have to feed your baby. Opt for neutral colors and a belt to better stylize your figure.


Bags like diaper bags


Yes, we know that the diaper bag is essential. However, you can find options for large bags that, in addition to giving you a lot of styles, can work as a diaper bag with the most important things.


Outfits in black


It’s the simple and definitive answer to hide those extra pounds left by pregnancy. Wear it in a total look or a dress to the knees or below.


What clothes should I wear if I’m chubby?


Fashion Trends ans Style - fashionable mom - mothers

When you’re breastfeeding, the bust tends to grow much larger. So, to look elegant and stylish, choose blouses or dresses that reveal your collarbone to look slimmer. Remember that you cannot abuse the cleavage.


If your proportion also increases in the hips, look for straight pants that hide and lengthen your legs. You will look very beautiful! Trust me.


At Fashion Trends, we’re pleased to bring the best trends and styles to your home to help you look more beautiful than you already are. Remember that your style should complement all these ideas, and you can mix everything to find it.


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