Discover the best model of skirt for your amazing silhouette

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Discover the best model of skirt for your amazing silhouette. This is a very relevant topic for women, especially for those who love skirts. First, you should know that each skirt has been designed for each type of silhouette. That’s why you should know which is the ideal skirt model for you.


When you go to a store looking for a skirt, you will find a wide variety of models. Among the most popular models you may see short, long, tight, flared, patterned, and solid skirts. However, not all skirts will be beneficial to show off your curves correctly.


What should you take into account before choosing the ideal skirt for you?


Fashion Trends - personSkirts are the most popular garments. After all, you can use them to put together any type of look depending on the cut and its texture. However, before buying a specific skirt model you should keep in mind which of them can best favor your body.


So, to feel very comfortable with the skirt model you choose, you should take into account the following tips from experts.


For women with very thick thighs, knee-length skirts are the most ideal. Now, if your goal is to lengthen your silhouettes a bit more, you may have to use skirts with vertical prints. Now, if you have very wide hips and you want to hide them, there’s also an option for you. In this case, you can use a model that fits your waist and is wide at the bottom.


On the other hand, if enhancing your silhouette is what you want, tube skirts will highlight ​​your buttocks area. Also, to make your legs look thicker, you can highlight them with a narrow mini skirt. Looking for volume? Wear pleated skirts in your favorite color.


What kind of skirt to choose according to your silhouette?


Before buying any item of clothing, you must know your silhouette very well. In this way, you will take home clothes that will give you elegance and will make each area of ​​your body stand out. In the case of skirts, you should choose the model that makes your silhouette look perfect.


What type of skirt will go best with your silhouette?


Long skirts 


Fashion Trends - model of skirt - skirtMost people believe that long skirts are better for tall women. Shorter women can wear them too, they just need to know-how. For example, most people say that they look better in high skirts since they can wear them with flat or tall shoes.


But if you’re short and long skirts attract your attention, avoid using models close to the hips or your height will be shortened even more. Instead, choose a skirt that can mark your waist to stylize your silhouette.


Now, if you have a long skirt at the hips, you should not leave it stored in your closet forever. You can use it with a long shirt along with a belt that allows you to mark your waist. And being of medium or short stature, it would be best to wear high shoes.


Pencil skirt


Fashion Trends - model of skirt - skirtPencil skirts don’t look good for all silhouettes, so you should know who they are ideal for.


If, for example, you are very thin and want to pronounce your curves, look for a narrow and solid pencil skirt. Also, if you want to look more voluptuous than you are, you can use this skirt model with the patterns of your choice.


These types of skirts manage to look very good in slim silhouettes, but if this is not your case and your silhouette is pronounced, you must learn how to make them look good on you.


Look for pencil skirts in dark tones and preferably choose fabrics with smooth textures. As for the length, avoid it going beyond your knees.


Fashion Trends - model of skirt - skirtFlared skirts 


Flared skirts have a trick – if you choose a model with a high waist, your legs will look longer.


This effect will be more pronounced if you accompany it with high heels.


And if your ankles are thick, use flared skirts that reach the knee and avoid miniskirts.


This type of skirt also makes your legs appear slimmer. For this reason, if you want to hide your hips or your accentuated abdomen, this will be the right model.


Fashion Trends - personShort skirts


This category includes both short skirts and miniskirts that most women like so much. In fact, in fashion stores, you may have noticed that this is the most popular model on the shelves. However, short skirts manage to look much better on a specific type of silhouette.


Miniskirts look amazing on women with long legs, especially when they are slim. However, those who do not have such thin legs also have the right to wear short skirts. Just avoid that they are not so tight and preferably wear them with a heel.


And for women with very thick legs, another model of skirts is preferable, such as those already mentioned above.


Fashion Trends - personTrumpet skirt 


This type of skirt is associated with the mermaid cut, and it’s a more flattering cut for any type of silhouette. This skirt is so versatile, that with it, you can create an incredible illusion of curves or hide those wide hips.


Tall women or those who are of medium or short stature can also use them!


For this height, it is preferable to wear them at the waist to achieve an elongated effect on the legs.


Fashion Trends - model of skirt - skirtPlum skirts


This kind of cut has the characteristic of enhancing your femininity.


You can wear it for any type of occasion while also refining your waist and accentuating your hips.


For women who have a silhouette with narrow hips, they can take advantage of this but with a lot of flight to increase the volume in that area.



Use the type of skirt that best suits your silhouette


The types of skirts you’ve just seen are still fashionable no matter how much time passes. As for the fabrics used for their elaboration and the colors, they depend on your tastes and preferences. Skirts are items of clothing that you just have to put together a fast but sophisticated look.


Which of them will look better on your silhouette?


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