Fashionable men! These are the best shoes for you!

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Men also have the right to be fashionable! It’s normal that they also want to be aware of what is happening, and a good way to do it is through footwear. The good news is that there are more and more types and novelties. But if you don’t know what to buy, don’t worry, we are here to help you. First and foremost, we will abide by the principle of minimalism and class. This way, we will make your purchase experience easier for you.


Regardless of how old you are, in your closet, you should have shoes that allow you to feel confident, comfortable, and safe. Therefore, selecting only one model isn’t easy. After all, there are a lot of offers and that, despite many, don’t meet the necessary quality standards. We want you to feel safety and comfort when you walk!


What are the best shoes for men?


Fashion Trends USA - Best shoes - Best shoes

You may already know that within men’s footwear we have sports, moccasins, nautical, Oxford, ankle boots, Chelsea, boots, and even sandals.


Yes! It’s a reality, and they also use them. However, it seems like this is a fairly wide world and for many we are simply used to practicality and only know of two models:


the daily one and the party one. Right?


Here we’re going to explain some types of footwear that will be in trend, and perhaps we will open a door to a separate world just for you.


Running shoes never go wrong


Fashion Trends USA - Best shoes - Running shoes

Nowadays, we want to recover the trend of the classic; and it’s for this reason that we will forget for a while about platform shoes.


In this season, running or boots’ type will predominate. Assuming that not all shoes are suitable for every occasion, these sneakers have always been everyone’s favorite.


Of course, they get out of a lot of trouble, plus they are simple, clean, timeless, and beautiful.


In the shape of a boot, they look like a basketball court, and we can see their rise in the Amiri and Celine collections.


Loafers’ shoes


Fashion Trends USA - Best shoes - Loafers

It’s like going from one polo to another because leather loafers or moccasins are also open to the clothing of this 2021 season.


They can be made of synthetic or vegan leather, and this is where things get interesting. After all, this is where slow fashion takes a stand and chooses to stay among the current trends.


They also show us that the traditional will never go out of style.


They’re also called “good boy” shoes, because they’re classics that never go away.


The thing is that no matter what you choose, it will be a traditional look.


Let’s go to combat 


Fashion Trends USA - Best shoes - Combat

We would like to say that we’re no longer going to talk about these obvious sustainable trends, but we would be lying to you.


Why? Because, in the case of boots, they’re an influence that has been with us in our outfits for years.


The difference is that now you can combine it with anything and for every occasion.


Today, you can find them with a leather-effect texture, in black and with their height up to the shin.


Sandals are in fashion


Gentlemen also like to go barefoot, which is why strap sandals, whether made of fabric and with Velcro or leather closures and with buckles; Spartan sandals, or crabs, are perfect for this season. They’re also summer’s main protagonists when it comes to shoes.


What men’s casual shoes are in style


Fashion Trends USA - Best shoes - Casual style

The casual style is what is now in trend, and this season they will have a more classic touch.


This is because they present an aesthetic different from sports and can be combined with a sport or denim-type outfits.


They are a favorite this year! Its fabric design can be adaptable to any type of clothing, even formal ones. Although honestly, they look better with jeans.


Now that you already know what are the trends for this year, it’s time to know what you should avoid.


Have in mind that there are certain models you can no longer use, no matter how much you love them. This is because they will clash with your outfit and even make you look old-fashioned and outdated.


What shoes should men avoid?


Fashion Trends USA - Best shoes - Suede



Let’s get over these shoes! Forget about them for a long time.


This type of material is very prone to wear due to its delicate material, and it doesn’t really work very well.


They get dirty easily and don’t carry the necessary comfort.


Velcro tennis


Fashion Trends USA - Best shoes - Velcro tennis

We are going to leave the school stage in the schools.


Yes, we understand that this type of shoe is comfortable and can be very good for children at school.


However, if you are an adult, wearing this type of shoe with Velcro fasteners isn’t the best option. Aesthetically, they subtract and don’t add any elegance to your look.


Please avoid this type of footwear and give way to stylized straps or buckles.


Goodbye studs!


Fashion Trends USA - Best shoes - studs

I know you may have a hidden desire to be a rock singer. Just as we also know that this is a fashion that comes and goes.


But let’s put them aside. They shouldn’t be used even for the office.


The only way they are truly allowed is at a theme party, where you can bring out that Axl Rose in you.


Otherwise, leave them forgotten in the back of your closet. Wearing them daily will be a bit embarrassing.


Flat toe derby


Fashion Trends USA - Best shoes - Flat toe derby

This type of footwear will always be something that can get you out of a hurry. In the same way, shoes with a flat or very square toe are a straight-up no.


Instead, choose its reinvented version with an elongated cut, giving you elegance and presence. Allow yourself to update that wardrobe with contemporary models.


Of course, there are many things that we must take into account to have that renewed wardrobe of incredible shoes that give you elegance and chivalry.


At Fashion Trends, we seek to make you feel amazing too, yes, you, the man who’s reading us.


Tell us what you think about these new rules of what you should and what you should not have in your closet. Also tell us, what is that shoe that has been with you for years and you don’t dream of getting rid of.