Broad shoulders? Find out your best look!

Fashion Trends - Broad shoulders? Find out your best look!

Broad shoulders? Find out your best look! Fashion offers many advantages, one of them being the ability to find clothes that fit your body. That’s why any kind of woman can find the best clothes for them. And yes, this includes those with broad shoulders. No matter where they look, either in physical or online stores, they can find the best clothes for them.


If you’re a woman with broad shoulders, don’t worry! You can take this chance to highlight other parts of your body. However, you must know and understand that there’s nothing wrong with broad shoulders. Tons of women have them, and it doesn’t make them any less beautiful. Don’t forget that to rock an outfit, you must exude confidence. So, instead of looking down on this feature of your body, embrace it! Once you do this, you won’t have any problem finding the perfect outfit for you.


What clothes to wear if you have broad shoulders?


Fashion Trends - woman wearing a red blouseToday, we will help you discover the best clothes for broad-shouldered women. This way, you won’t waste your money the next time you go shopping.


Women with broad shoulders or backs are known to have inverted triangle bodies. So, not only do they have broad shoulders, but they also have a small waist and hips. Knowing this, what’s the best look for broad-shouldered women?


When dressing, your goal should be to achieve a balance. That is, there must be harmony between the lower and upper parts of your body. For this, you must look for clothes able to add volume to your waist. And at the same time, you should try to avoid clothes that add volume to your shoulders.


What not to wear if you have broad shoulders


Fashion Trends - clothes like jeansJust as there are a wide variety of clothing items that will be very favorable for you, if you have broad shoulders, there are other clothing items that you should avoid wearing or else you will spoil your look:



Flattering clothes for broad-shouldered bodies


Fashion Trends - woman with broad shoulders wearing a green skirtYou must not wear the clothes mentioned above. Otherwise, you will focus all the attention on your shoulders by increasing their proportion. Instead, opt for the following pieces of clothing so that you can hide the size of your shoulders:



Visual tricks. These will be of great help so that your shoulders go unnoticed and you can focus attention on your other attributes. That’s why you should use deep necklines to create vertical lines, as well as long scarves and long necklaces.


Similarly, although jackets are not the most suitable garment, those that have a long cut, specifically at the height of the hips, are allowed. The wallets should also be at this same height so that your shoulders are not the protagonists of your body.


How can you make broad shoulders look smaller?


Although it may not seem like it, there are plenty of blouses, pants, accessories, and dresses for broad shoulders. In fact, there is a style known as a peplum and it is one of the most prominent in women who have broad shoulders and back.


If you need to hide broad shoulders to highlight other attributes of your body, pay attention to the following tips:


Wear vertical stripes 


FashionTrends-Broad shoulders Find out your best look!-Often wear vertical stripesVertical stripes are very beneficial because they help to stylize your body. Because of this, when choosing patterns, you should lean towards this option.


On the other hand, you should avoid the use of horizontal stripes, or else your shoulders will look wider.


Also, even if you don’t use prints with other clothing, you can create an effect of vertical lines.


To do this, you can choose a blazer with a single line of buttons and jackets or a sweater with a straight cut.


What necklines look good on women with broad shoulders?


Fashion Trends - Opt for plunging necklines Opt for plunging necklines. To streamline the upper torso and downplay the shoulders, “V” cut tops are a great choice. In fact, the deeper the neckline, the more benefits you can take advantage of.


Of course, if you are going to show the upper part of your body, the idea is that you cover the lower part. So, if your blouse will have a front neckline, leave your miniskirts or shorts to create another outfit.


During summer, you can use maxi dresses with a “V” cut as you will look great. Don’t choose tops with boat neck or swan neck because all the attention will be focused especially on the shoulders.


Choose the correct colors 


What colors to choose? This is a very relevant point if you want to make your broad shoulders look smaller. In general, dark colors will be your best option, although they should not be black. There is a very varied range of dark colors, and surely some of those tones will be the right one for you.


Similarly, at the bottom, you can contrast with a lighter color palette to draw attention to that area.


What accessories or complements to choose from?


Fashion Trends - woman with a bagAccessories can become your best ally when it comes to putting together your perfect look to hide broad shoulders. Choose thin and preferably long necklaces to give your look the necessary verticality. In the same way, choose small rings and scarves or scarves, letting them fall in a straight line in the area of ​​your torso.


As for purses, since you can never go out without them, choose models that fall at the height of the hips, such as cross-body bags.


Don’t use chokers as they will only give more weight to the upper part of your body, as well as short necklaces.


What type of dress makes your shoulders look smaller?


Fashion Trends - woman wearing a red dressWhat woman doesn’t like dresses? If you like them, you should not be shy about using them because you have broad shoulders. For you, several models will favor you and exalt other attributes.


To show off your femininity, choose dresses with details at the waist and volume in the skirt. Similarly, dresses with an asymmetric cut will be a great choice to highlight the area of ​​your body that you like the most.


Also, if you want to highlight your breasts, choose a dress in a “V” cut and if you want to show your legs, choose a short-flared dress. Long dresses will also be a good option to hide wide shoulders completely.


Your broad shoulders should not be an impediment to wear a good look


We hope that these tips can help you to know how to dress well and at the same time hide your broad shoulders. Another recommendation is always choosing clothes in the right size, or else they will add more volume to your shoulders. Follow each of these steps when dressing and your figure will always be favored.