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Nothing like good jeans to wear anywhere and anytime. This type of pants is an infallible basic that should never be missing from our wardrobe. Ideal for a Sunday with the family, for an office Friday, brunch, or a casual outing. Wear it with heels or sneakers for a very effortless look, or with heels and a lingerie top for a date.


It is that versatility that makes them a very magical garment. Now, there are many jean cuts according to body type, so getting the perfect one for you will not be a complicated task. However, do you know what the ideal cut for you is?


If you want to know more about this wonderful and wide world, then stay to learn more about the different cuts of jeans that exist and how to choose the perfect ones for you the next time you go shopping. Ready for this adventure? Follow me reading


Discover the different kinds of jeans styles


I’m convinced that you have delved into this world and always ended up choosing one similar to the one you already have. Or, you are probably one of those who have already tried their luck with several types and cannot find the ideal one.


If this is your case, don’t panic! We are going to explain you in more detail right away.


Skinny jeans.


Fashion Trends and Style - Find the perfect style of jeans for you - Jeans

Considered the basic almost par excellence. They are the type of jeans that fits your body and molds it to perfection. They usually come up in stretch fabrics, which help to shape your legs.


These jeans look great on hourglass bodies if you are petite because they lengthen your legs and also if you have very thin legs.


Now, if your figure is round or pear-shaped, avoid them because they can unbalance the figure.


Straight leg 


This cut looks great on all body types, tall or short. Especially for those bodies that find it difficult to get the skinny pants they want. After all, they fit the knee and they continue the path in a straight line-up to the ankles. This, in turn, makes your legs look longer.


Boot cut. 


Boot-cut pants are that jean cut where the hem is wider than the leg. They are fitted to the knee and then open aesthetically and elegantly. They are ideal for curvy women but also any type of silhouette, so don’t be afraid to wear some. You will look incredible.




Fashion Trends and Style - Find the perfect style of jeans for you - Jeans

They are the jeans that are currently leading the list of the most used and in season.


Like the boot cut, they open at the knee but at a much more exaggerated angle, giving the shape of the bell.


It is ideal for slim silhouettes and tall bodies with or without curves.


I recommend that if you are petite, avoid them because they will be visually unflattering.


What are the cuts of jean pants?


In addition to the ones I mentioned above, we can find some other jean cuts that greatly flatter almost all silhouettes. Take note! These cuts will enchant you.


Boyfriend jeans.


Fashion Trends and Style - Find the perfect style of jeans for you - Jeans

With their safe name, you can discover where they come from. They are those jeans that in their cut are a bit masculine and seem to be taken from the closet of your dad, boyfriend, or brother.


It’s relaxed and manages to wrap the hips perfectly to fall in amplitude.


They look great on slim and streamlined bodies, for curvy women or apple-shaped bodies.


Avoid them when the length of the jean shortens your legs if you are small.




This cut is also a variation of the skinny ones. They are fitted but reach the calf. They aren’t stretched, so that is where you can tell the difference. Not only that, but they are ideal for hourglass-like bodies, small bodies, and those with thin legs.


Mom Jeans. 


Fashion Trends and Style - Find the perfect style of jeans for you - Jeans

Considered the favorite for some years. They are those jeans that look like they came out of your mom’s closet.


Made from straight, high-waisted, non-stretch denim. They will give you the very ideal look to stylize your figure.


It is perfect for shaped silhouettes.


However, if your body is pear-shaped or you accumulate fat in the abdomen, do not use them.


How do you know which jeans suit you?


Fashion Trends and Style - Find the perfect style of jeans for you - Jeans

As I have been telling you, jeans have become that comfortable and versatile basic that we all need.


However, sometimes we can find ourselves in a tirade when it comes to choosing the one that best suits us.


Now that we know what the main cuts are, we must find those that suit you and favor your style to help you highlight what you are proud of.


The first step is to identify the type of body you have, and it is from there that you will find the ideal pair of jeans.


If you are curvy.


If your body is voluptuous, a Kim Kardashian type with a very well-defined waist always goes for medium-rise jeans. Avoid adding things with strong effects because it would only add volume to the area of ​​your thighs. While if you have a small torso and a defined waist with voluptuous thighs, I recommend skinny jeans or low-rise pants because they will fit your silhouette.


If your body is athletic. 


Here your shoulders align to your hips and waist, so you don’t have a very curved body. We recommend choosing high-waisted jeans because they create that illusion of curves. You can also opt for boyfriend jeans to add extra volume to your body.


If your body is pear-shaped.


When there is volume in the abdominal area, you should choose jeans in dark tones to visually stylize the figure, so you can choose straight or slim cuts. Avoid baggy, high-waisted, or skinny jeans.


If you are petite.


When you have short stature and a small complexion, wearing straight-cut jeans, skinny jeans, or pants that reach a little below the ankle will look amazing on you as they define your figure. 


What do you think about this article? Do you already know what your ideal jean is? At Fashion Trends, we hope that this guide will be of use to you. Remember to save, comment, and share with that friend that you feel needs help with her jeans.


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