Best hair dryer brands and thermal products

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The hair dryer is a crucial product for styling our hair and achieving an incredible appearance. This is in charge of making it look shiny, silky, and, of course, giving it the shape we want. Whether we like super straight or wavy hair or with a lot of volume.


Now, our hair lives not only on appearances. The right dryer will not only help you with its aesthetics and make it look good. But will also contribute to its care, preventing it from splitting and being mistreated.


On the other hand, there are products designed and created primarily to use just before applying heat to our hair. These thermal protectors are basically responsible for preparing the hair to receive the hot air from the dryer.


Therefore, choosing a good dryer and thermal protector is key to maintaining the capillary area in good condition. And always obtaining adequate results.


Please take note, because we will tell you which the best products on the market in terms of dryers and thermal protectors are. To protect your hair above all else and obtain an incredible look and hair.



Factors to consider when choosing a hair dryer


We must not only let ourselves be carried away by the price but also that the brand and model we choose is adequate in terms of size, power, and quality, among others. Which, in the end, will give you the final result. For this reason, there are a series of aspects that we recommend taking into account before selecting a dryer:


  • If you have thick hair, select an ionic or tourmaline dryer. Since the latter offers a more powerful ionic action than other types of materials. These characteristics are the ideal ones to look for in a dryer if your hair is of this type. The longer type will help evaporate water more quickly than other dryer types.
  • For fine or dry hair, the indicated one is a ceramic or porcelain dryer. This has a lower heat intensity but is more consistent, thus ideal for all hair types.


  • If your case is that you have abundant hair, the titanium dryer should be your choice. These emit heat evenly, and you will have more comfort when using them because they are lighter. And avoid getting tired due to the amount of hair to be dried.
  • If the use that you will give the dryer is only at home, choose those 1350 w and up. If it is for professional use. And in case you have thick and difficult to manage hair, it must have power between 1800 to 2000 w for lower results.
  • A light model, about a pound, is ideal to avoid getting tired with prolonged use.
  • A dryer with different heat and speed levels will allow you to work with varying hair types. And obtain different results according to your chosen options.
  • Go for dryers with a diffuser and nozzle as accessories. Since it allows you to work curly hair with the diffuser and straight hair with the nozzle. And have a dual voltage of 120w and 240w.
  • For extra security, before choosing a model, go to the king of wisdom, the good internet, and look for the product to know the evaluation of other users, references, and comments they can make about the product. And thus, buy with greater peace of mind and assurance that you are making a good investment.


The best professional hairdryers on the market


Rowenta Infinity Pro Beauty CV8730E0


Fashion Trends and Style - Best hair dryer brands and thermal products - hairdryer

With a professional alternating current motor with 2200 w of power, it is perfect to be used for long periods of time. It also has two 6 and 8 mm, air concentrator nozzles to make styling and straightening hair easier. As well as a diffuser in case what is required is to give natural volume to curly hair. And if you doubt its power, we tell you that its motor produces an airflow that reaches up to 120 km/h and offers drying in record time, not bad.


As if that were not enough, they have 2 speeds, 3 temperature selections, and an option for cold air. Also, an LED indicator, and an ionic function that generates, help prevent static hair and add shine.


Finally, the material that covers it is ceramic. This makes it more resistant, manageable, and comfortable thanks to its support and 6 feet-long cable.




Fashion Trends and Style - Best hair dryer brands and thermal products - hairdryer

Unlike the previous model, this one has a superpower of about 3500w. And an incredible and powerful airflow that allows you to style your hair quickly and easily.


With ceramic technology and negative ions that ensure drying with much less damage to the hair. Since it produces less frizz and retains more moisture, it has 2 speeds and 3 temperature settings. It has energy savings, which makes it a product of low consumption. It also has a diffuser and nozzle. So you can work according to what you need, a 9 feet cable and clamping system for greater comfort. Besides an ergonomically designed handle and an overheat protection system for more excellent safety.


Remington AC9096 Silk


Fashion Trends and Style - Best hair dryer brands and thermal products - hairdryer

Remington is one of the leading and reference brands in the market regarding hair dryers, and its AC9096 Silk model is no exception.


This product has 2400w of power, an alternating current motor, 6 temperatures, 2 speeds including a turbo, and a cold blast that reaches 140 km/h. And ionic conditioning and an easy-to-remove and clean ceramic grille.


In addition, it includes a concentrator, diffuser, fastening system to hang the dryer, and a 9 feet long cable for greater comfort.


Aigostar Fighter 32JVT


Fashion Trends and Style - Best hair dryer brands and thermal products - hairdryer

It has ionic technology, resulting in faster drying. Favoring straightening and avoiding frizz, thus improving the appearance of the hair.


Its highly durable motor has 2400w of power.


As well as 3 temperature settings and 2 speeds, a cold air option to fix the drying, nozzle, and diffuser.


And concentrator so you can choose the type of styling you want to achieve and a cable of more than 7 feet for better manageability.


Rowenta Infini Pro Elite CV8722E0


Fashion Trends and Style - Best hair dryer brands and thermal products - hairdryer

Another Rowenta model, which comes with an 8 mm air concentrator nozzle and diffuser


. 2 speeds, 3 types of temperature to select, a cold air option, ionic technology, and a 2200 w power motor.


All to obtain a quality and professional result.





Hair care when drying


For better results and, above all, much healthier when applying heat, it is necessary to take into account the following:


Avoid concentrating heat in one area


Fashion Trends and Style - Best hair dryer brands and thermal products - haircare

Try to move the dryer throughout the hair to distribute the value evenly.


And lower the temperature when it is about to dry to seal and get more shine.






Control the temperature


Fashion Trends and Style - Best hair dryer brands and thermal products - haircare

You should adjust the heat according to the type of hair you have.


Since if you have fine, weak, or brittle hair, extreme heat is not recommended. While if you have thick hair, it will be better to use more intensity.


Avoid applying heat frequently


Over-drying results in the hair breaking more easily and more quickly, so use it with caution.


Use a heat protectant


Fashion Trends and Style - Best hair dryer brands and thermal products - haircare

One of the necessary products when applying heat that has become more popular lately is the thermal protector.


This protects the strands in contact with heat.






Importance of thermal protector


The use of the thermal protector is essential. Since it protects, as its main function indicates, the hair fibers against exposure to high temperatures due to the use of the dryer and other styling devices. In addition to giving it extra shine and hydration and strengthening the hair as it is used. This helps fight heat damage progressively.


How to use the thermal protector


It is a simple activity. Since you only have to apply it once you wash your hair. And before you start drying it or using heat with other products.


Once you have removed the excess water from the hair with a towel, apply the product. Comb afterward and continue drying from the middle of the head to the ends.


You can also apply it as a cream to comb and detangle once washed.


Best heat protectors on the market



Olaplex No. 7 Bonding Oil


Fashion Trends and Style - Best hair dryer brands and thermal products - haircare

Olaplex has become one of the reference brands for hair care due to its deep and effective repairing properties.


And No. 7 Bonding oil offers to moisturize your hair with the certainty of leaving it very soft and shiny.


While repairing, reducing frizz, reducing the level of breakage, and facilitating combing, thanks to the nutrients it contains.



Hair radiance keratin spray by Freshly Cosmetics


Fashion Trends and Style - Best hair dryer brands and thermal products - haircare

This thermal protector protects from the dryer’s heat and UV rays based on natural ingredients.


So, it fulfills a double function.


Being a spray, its application is much easier, and additionally, it has a pleasant fragrance.




Revlon Uniq One


Fashion Trends and Style - Best hair dryer brands and thermal products - haircare

One of the most famous and demanded products on the market in terms of thermal protectors is this from the Revlon brand.


It protects from heat and offers benefits such as repairing damaged ends, controlling frizz, and enhancing shine.


This product softens the fiber for manageable hair and protects colored hair against UVA and UVB rays. Without a doubt, a true wonder for your hair.


Kerastase Resistance Extensioniste Thermique


Fashion Trends and Style - Best hair dryer brands and thermal products - haircare

It protects against exposure to high temperatures, helps close split ends, and reduces hair breakage by 93%. Thanks to its ingredients that are activated by contact with heat, sealing the hair fiber. So your hair will be protected, strong, healthy, and look better. Schwarzkopf Flatliner Thermal Protectant Spray


It is indicated for all types of hair. However, in its reviews, those who best speak of the product are people with fine hair. So, it has better results in them. Its light formula and spray applicator are perfect and comfortable. And the protection it offers is even against high temperatures.


Hair care is essential and is a job of perseverance every day and week. So, treat it kindly and give it the necessary care, especially when you go to olive groves in the heat.