What are the best cowboy boots for men this summer?

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For some years now, cowboy boots have become an inspiration for many. It’s a trend that has been booming and that we have not been able to avoid. We have been able to find them made of different exotic materials such as snake and ostrich skin and striking colors in cowboy movies and at rodeos, even in country style.


So, to know a little more about these men’s footwear, you have to go back to the 19th century when Charles Goodyear managed to vulcanize rubber to use it for boot soles. Meanwhile, with the arrival of the industrial revolution, its use became widespread.


In a trip to the past, I tell you that cowboy boots were only made by hand. Today there are many models both handmade and from factories. However, it is a shoe option that can be quite functional and leaves more than one impression.


Can you wear cowboy boots in summer?


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They were created primarily for ranch work. However, they can still be functional at any time of the year. Even in the summer. So yeah, man, you can wear them in the summer!


At laneboots.com you will discover footwear made with high-quality materials to ensure versatility and comfort. You will also find products for the care of your cowboy boots.


In fact, here is these vintage leather Bodega de Cognac with whipstitching. With quality handcrafted, Lane memory foam insole and Goodyear trim, you will feel amazing in them!


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Can you wear cowboy boots every day?


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The answer is yes. A good pair of cowboy boots will never be out of season, even if it seems, contradictory. Cowboy boots were designed precisely to withstand the desert heat and throughout the year, which is why they are the infallible option at any time of the year.


Although people may disapprove of this style, thinking that other types of footwear can be functional and cool, you, my friend, can’t go into that club because there is always an excuse to wear boots even in Texas.


This is why I want to show you quality footwear that every man should include in his collection. Above all, they are versatile and comfortable. They will also provide you with such an incredible luxury for the office that you will not need to change it for the night out. With memory lining and shape for durable construction.


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How do men wear cowboy boots?


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Currently, the use of cowboy boots has transcended outside the rural area. You can make a “normal look” incredibly striking with just a pair of boots to stand out and showcase your masculinity and remain in trend.


First, I want to explain that to get the most out of cowboy boots, you have to take into account some elements before choosing them since each characteristic is important for their use and comfort.


What you should always take into account is the height, find the most comfortable for you. For this, you must pay attention to their heel, because depending on your height they’re designed for a specific activity. The size is a very important characteristic since it must fit your foot. For its part, the material, leather or cow, lizard, ostrich, eel, and alligator, will need more special care, which can be a little more expensive. But don’t worry or panic!


At Lane boots, we have boots made with leather and cosmetic grade adhesives, oils, and waxes that will help you restore those scratches and old-aged leather of your favorite cowboy boots.


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Next, we have these Rio Riata Boots, which in short, are the basic pair that you must have. It is a simple and clean option, with elegant designs, so much so that you will feel in a cloud when walking with them. They’re also made of handcrafted genuine leather material with a Goodyear insole that will make them durable over time.


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What are the most comfortable cowboy boots?


From eye-catching to comfortable to those in trend; or if you just need some cowboy boots to work in the dirt or stable, there are thousands of different options available just for you. And this is where you ask me, how do I know which is the best or the most comfortable?


I can give you the answer in a word: Laneboots.com. I will show you some spectacular and functional models for you, cowboy.




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A leather model with waxed canvas and diamond stitch patterns that, together with its heavy stitching and zippers, give it a rugged yet refined look.


Goodyear tape and insole for durability and comfort.


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Ranahan Hazelnut


If you want a look full of comfort and sustainability, this style is for you. With cushioned insoles for each step, made by hand and sewn to perfection, you can get them with a 40% discount now!


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Old glory


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Are you a fan of Country music? If you want to look amazing like Blake Shelton, Old Glory men’s boots are for you.


Handcrafted from leather and paired with Goodyear straps, these are cowboy boots specially designed to last.


Combine them with jeans or tight legs. You can play with a rocky Mötley Crüe style. You will feel like you have wings!


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How to combine men’s cowboy boots?


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Now, you may ask, how can I combine these cowboy boots? And I also have the solution for you. (Wink, wink).


First, you have to think about the type of occasion, because if you have an event that requires style and elegance, you can opt for plain or plaid collared shirts. This looks exquisite with dress pants or jeans, and your Laneboots.com cowboy boots.


On the other hand, if what you want is to look relaxed, look for a shirt without logos of sports brands, because it will not look good with boots. Instead, choose a solid color shirt to create a classic look with your boots.


To wear a denim look, do not leave the jacket at home, as it is what looks best with cowboy boots, and if they are from lane boots, even better! You can combine it in many ways as a total denim look, or if you prefer dress pants.


Ultimately, none of these combinations will be complete without your exotic leather belt, cowboy hat, and spurs. Want to try these combinations? Head over to laneboots.com and find that perfect pair for you!


At Fashion Trends, we are very happy to bring you different combinations and new fashion trends. So, tell us, what do you think of cowboy boots, do you like them? Have you always wanted to wear them and didn’t know how? Tell us your opinion in the comments and see you in the next article.