Want a few more inches? Choose the best clothes to look taller

Fashion Trends - Want a few more inches? Choose the best clothes to look taller

Want a few more inches? Choose the best clothes to look taller. Most often than not, we choose clothes before even knowing if they will flatter us. That’s why, before anything, you must first take into account your height. For example, if you’re short some clothes will make you look taller, and others will make you smaller. So, to avoid the latter, keep reading.


It’s normal that being short, you want to get a few extra inches and make your figure look slim. That’s why you must be aware of all your accessories and clothing. Find those that make you look taller without needed to wear high-heels 24/7.


What kind of clothes should I wear to look taller?


Once you learn to choose the right clothes, you won’t have any issues when dressing because you will always look visually taller.


So, to achieve this effect, pay attention to the following tips:


Vertical stripes


Fashion Trends - woman with vertical stripes

If you don’t like vertical stripes, you should start shopping for clothes with this print if your goal is to look taller.


These types of stripes provide a continuous visual effect, and that is why they lengthen your silhouette.


So, from now on, you should avoid horizontal striped clothing and opt for vertical stripes to take advantage of their benefits.



Monochrome jumpsuits


Fahion Trends - Woman with blue clothesWhen you use jumpsuits of a single color accompanied by another piece of clothing of the same color, you can create an elongated effect on your figure.


This is because there will not be a cut in your look.


That’s why you should bet on a monochrome jumpsuit instead of those that have prints.


Also, you should choose them in dark colors to achieve a continuous effect on your outfit.


Bare ankles, The best clothes to look taller


This is a tip that you cannot ignore – so that your legs can look longer, the best thing you can do is bring your ankles into the air. So, if your pants are long, look for footwear that allows you to expose your ankles. The more open your footwear is, the elongated effect of your height will be more pronounced.


Clothing below the waist


If your goal is to see yourself with a few extra inches, you should avoid wearing clothing at the waist. Instead, choose clothes below the waist. Similarly, to look taller, you can also play with asymmetries.


Small prints, The best clothes to look taller


Who doesn’t like small prints? These are very eye-catching and are perfect for a casual look. Best of all, they are a great visual trick, as they will lengthen your figure to get those inches you want. There are a lot of clothes with small prints, such as dresses and pants.


Maxi Dresses


There are a wide variety of dresses with different cuts, maxi dresses, as well as maxi skirts, that will make you look taller. By choosing a maxi dress, you can add a belt to highlight your silhouette. All this while also making your legs look longer.


How to look taller with high rise pants?


Fashion Trends - woman posing - best clothes to look taller

There is no doubt that high-waisted pants are loved by all women today.


This can become the best ally of short women, especially if this garment is worn tight to the body.


Wearing high-waisted pants is very important since the more volume you wear in your clothes, the shorter you will look.





Bell-bottoms achieve a great visual effect and are perfect for short women because they make their legs look longer. Pants in this style don’t let others see the end of your legs, so getting a pair is a great choice.


V-necklines, The best clothes to look taller


V-necklines can also make you look very tall. In fact, they will make your neck look longer, thus making you look taller. This type of neckline can be used in blouses, or dresses of any color since, in addition to making you look sensual, it is perfect to get a few inches of extra height.


Short skirts


If you want to look taller, say goodbye to knee-high skirts. All they will do is shorten your figure. So, instead, choose skirts that allow you to show your legs. After all, the more you show them, the taller you will seem.


How can I look taller if I’m short?


Fashion Trends - bags - best clothes to look tallerTo look taller, apart from choosing the right clothes, you should be aware of the accessories that will complement your look. If you like necklaces, preferably choose long ones because they will help to stylize your figure. Also, this type of accessory is ideal for your torso as it will look longer.


Another accessory that cannot be missing is wallets, in this case, you should choose large models. This way you can distract attention from your height and the symmetry of your outfit will be broken.


Similarly, you must choose the right hairstyle or haircut if you really want to look taller. A medium-length cut is perfect for short women. This is because, the longer your hair is, the harder it will be to add extra inches to your height.


As for the hairstyle, a bun is an excellent option, especially if it is high because it will add a few extra centimeters.


Looking taller if you are short is not impossible


As you can see, by following the tips we’ve just given you, you can look taller if you’re short. You just have to learn to dress according to your height and complement with accessories and the correct haircut or hairstyle.