What are the best clothes to do yoga in?

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Yoga is an incredible activity. An exercise that can help you be in control and balance with your body, mind, and spirit. It has come to be considered a very spiritual practice unique to a sport. And is based on physical and mental control through body postures.


Is also considered a lifestyle. Yoga is healthy, takes care of, and strengthens your body, mind, and spirit through breathing, meditation, and asanas. With different variants, it adapts to the needs of each person, and more and more practices are derived. Like laughter yoga, for babies, for pregnant women, for problems with muscles, bones, pain, among others.


The important thing is that this practice seeks the balance and concentration of our body to unite it with the mind. Which, through proper breathing, you will be able to relax and meditate. Now, this wonder must be done with the best clothes that allow us that freedom of movement. Because pants or shorts will often be uncomfortable.


At Fashion Trends we bring you some clothing ideas to carry out this practice with style and comfort. So, read on to find out more.


How does yoga help you?


Fashion Trends and Style - the best clothes to do yoga - Yoga

Besides keeping you fit and super flexible, yoga helps you improve your overall fitness level. On top of your posture, and lower blood pressure and heart rate. It´s also great for when you want to relax, helps you improve your self-confidence, reduce stress, improve coordination and concentration.


It´s a practice that helps your sleep and digestion be better. Additionally, it helps you have better control over anxiety and depression. And if you have back pain it helps you relax it. Another one of its benefits is that it increases lung capacity, so it improves your breathing. Also, it helps the immune system by reducing stress, strengthening muscles and bones, and seeking to balance the nervous system.


What is the right clothing to do yoga?


Fashion Trends and Style - the best clothes to do yoga - Yoga

To have all these benefits, it´s important to have the best clothes. Since not only baggy pants will make all these benefits come true. 


If you wear the right clothes, I assure you that you will be more comfortable. And much more focused on the activity than on adjusting the pants that are falling. That way, you eliminate external concerns, and this does not mean that you have to spend too much money. Take into account that you can search among what you already have for some elements that may be useful.


However, consider that each garment must fulfill a specific function. So, I will briefly explain what you need to keep in mind when choosing them.




Fashion Trends and Style - the best clothes to do yoga - Yoga

This point is super important because what is sought is that you can focus on the exercise. Knowing that if something bothers you, it will take you out of that concentration zone that you need to be in.


To make the exercise correctly. It should not be too baggy, nor too tight.




It must be because all the postures make you move your body in a way that you normally would not. So, your clothes should act like a second skin that moves with you. And never squeezes you, because it could take you out of concentration.



Fashion Trends and Style - the best clothes to do yoga - Yoga

You’re probably on the floor too long. So, for the investment to be durable and avoid accidents when doing this sport, you should look for quality garments.


Pieces that you know that when you lift your leg they will not break.


Now that you know the basics, I suggest you pay attention to some garments that can help you perform this practice. With comfort, elasticity, and resistance.


Now, take a pencil and paper, because I’m gonna get to it.


Cotton or lycra pants


Fashion Trends and Style - the best clothes to do yoga - Yoga

The pants must be elastic so as not to limit movement.


But they should not be heavy so that it does not unbalance you, so, lycra pants or leggings are perfect.


The cut should not be low-waisted at all.


You can wear jogger pants because having elastic at the waist and ankles is interesting.


Ethnic type pants


Fashion Trends and Style - the best clothes to do yoga - Yoga

For those who are not very fond of tight pants.


But, are still looking for total comfort, this wide boot is an excellent option for this practice.


You can choose the Capri type or fisherman so that the boot does not bother you when moving.


Here we include the culotte type, baggy but with ankle strap that does not tangle you, and the Aladdin type.


Tank top, sports top, or with wide sleeves


Fashion Trends and Style - the best clothes to do yoga - Yoga

These are the perfect t-shirts for doing yoga, so you don’t mind the movement of your arms.


So, if the weather lets you, you can wear tank tops, as well as a stretch cotton shirt.


This will also help if you sweat a lot because it absorbs moisture.



Where does Born Living yoga manufacture?


Fashion Trends and Style - the best clothes to do yoga - Yoga

There are some options of stores specialized in selling outfits just for yoga practitioners. And that is the case with Born Living Yoga. A brand focused on this type of practice has grown the most in the last year. This company closed in 2020 with a turnover of more than 4.4 million euros.


Its main production is in Asia since the owner’s mother has been in the sector for more than thirty years. And that has led her to achieve great contacts in the area. Likewise, they are up to date with sustainability, committed to the responsible use of water, and the best way to work it is with sustainable fiber compounds in their garments, whose production and subsequent life cycle do not need too much.


At Fashion Trends we love to investigate and discover new things. And if you practice yoga, I hope you will tell us which is your most comfortable clothing to wear and how you complement them. In this sense, we wish you the best of luck when it comes to your next practice. And that with yoga you will be able to find the balance you are looking for. Of course, wearing the right clothes so that you waste more than style and add it to the balance.