The best beach bags in 2022

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Summer and visits to the beach usually require carrying many things on your back. Including swimsuits, water outlets, footwear, body and hair products, brush, and towels, among many others that we may need. They must go with us and close together to have them at hand in a flash.


For this, a good beach bag is necessary to store everything we need. Enjoy our beach days with everything that is required and, above all, something comfortable.


The bag we choose will depend on our needs and what we need and want to take with us. Since if we are only going to carry a towel, a change of clothes, and sunscreen, then we won´t need a large, super-resistant bag. But, if you are going to carry toys, a laptop, or food, then you will need a bag that gives you space and is resistant.


Now, it is essential that whatever you wear, the bag you choose is resistant and not just pretty. We often lean towards design or size, and sometimes this is not synonymous with quality.


Imagine that the beautiful bag you selected leaves turns on you at the beach, and it breaks. Now you have to carry things in your hands because it has not resisted the weight.


Another relevant piece of information is the material. Since it must be suitable for the environment in which you find yourself. And you must consider that if you´re going to be near water, it must be resistant to it. To prevent the interior, so your objects don´t get wet and be damaged.


Likewise, inside, you can have the possibility of organizing things. And separating them is also a plus that you should seek for greater comfort.


It is not an impossible task. So, take note because we will give you the best tips to correctly select your bag for this summer.


Characteristics that a good bag should have




Fashion Trends and Style - The best beach bags in 2022 - Bag

Bags with a flat bottom are the best option to choose. Since they provide excellent stability on the surface that you place them on.


Helping you from the weight that it may have inside and avoiding falls, as well as the fact that the wind can drag it.




A very important aspect is the material. Because the main thing is that it is resistant to water, offers durability, and is of high quality. For this, the most recommended thing is that it has a plastic, canvas, or rubber coating that can also be easily washed if it gets dirty.




The handles on the bags are the true warriors. Since they are responsible for lifting and moving all the weight, you may have deposited it in the bag. So, it is best to search, reinforce their seams or verify that the joints are found inside the bag molded or laminated. Avoid those straps or ropes tied at all costs because they tend to come loose quickly.


Built-In Mesh


If you have children, you will have to carry more objects, including toys. For greater comfort, select a bag with a built-in mesh inside, allowing sand to be removed more easily. Just ensure that the holes in it are not large since the result would not be the same. In addition to losing small objects such as earrings, among others.




A bag with a large capacity is not only recommended but also necessary due to the number of things that we usually carry with us. In addition, the towel itself covers a lot of space. So, the rest of the bag is left for the rest of the objects, and if you have children, everything triples.


A large bag is ideal. Make sure it is not too large, as it could be uncomfortable to carry.




Fashion Trends and Style - The best beach bags in 2022 - Bag

The selection of the color or pattern of the bag will depend on your style and taste.


Look for colors or fabrics that can be easily combined with everything, although it does not matter much here. It is always an excellent option to keep a certain harmony between outfit and bag. The important thing is that you love it, and it fits your personality.


Length of the handles


We already talked about the resistance that the handles should have. So now we will mention the importance of their length, which should not be too long. However, it is enough to carry the bag on your shoulders and leave your hands free to have other types of objects. We recommend that you choose adjustable hands for comfort.


Selection of the best beach bags


Fjällräven Crossbody Bag


Fashion Trends and Style - The best beach bags in 2022 - Bag

It is characterized by being durable and spacious. It is lined with double-layer fabric on the bottom, making it resistant.


Kipling tote bag


The Kipling brand is characterized by manufacturing resistant, spacious bags with many compartments to organize your things inside. Its minimalist designs are also beautiful and functional when combined.



Dakine Hawaiian Beach Tote Bag


Fashion Trends and Style - The best beach bags in 2022 - Bag

It offers water resistance, preventing your things from getting wet in contact with water. In addition to having a thermal compartment, making it ideal for carrying snacks.


Brandelia Beach Bag


Made of canvas material and covered with fabric. This convenient bag, besides having an attractive style, is one of the best options for this summer.


Don Don Beach Bag


Fashion Trends and Style - The best beach bags in 2022 - Bag

It is characterized by being large and spacious, with zippers and pockets. So, carrying everything together and organizing will not be a problem.


Bekilole Women’s Bag


Made with nylon, waterproof coverage, various compartments, and multiple colors. This elegant and large bag is an excellent option to comfortably acquire and carry everything you need for your summer days.


Tote Bag by Cesteria Aparici


Fashion Trends and Style - The best beach bags in 2022 - Bag

This bag is made of raffia material, leatherette, and synthetic leather in a tote model. Making it very resistant and, in addition to being beautiful, is ideal for this summer.


Malirona Canvas Bag


Its woven strap and saltwater canvas make this bag very resistant. And it also has an internal organizer to carry your things with order and comfort to the beach.


Newport beach bag


Fashion Trends and Style - The best beach bags in 2022 - Bag

Made of transparent plastic material and being breathable, it is resistant. It protects your things from water, sand, and other external agents, making it a great option to take to the beach.


Almondcy Transparent Bag


It is transparent and made of plastic material, making it mainly waterproof. But it is also very spacious, making it perfect for storing many things.


Flintronic Beach Bag


Fashion Trends and Style - The best beach bags in 2022 - Bag

In the best marine style and very elegant, this bag with a discreet closure and thick rope handles make it very showy and resistant to the things we place internally. Making it a perfect and beautiful bag for these coming days.


ZWOOS Colorful Print Bag


Large and very beautiful, this bag, in addition to its super attractive striped style and design, is large. And best of all, it is covered in plastic on the inside, so your things will be protected and shielded from water and sand. As an extra, it comes with a matching purse to combine.


Large Lemozo Bag


Fashion Trends and Style - The best beach bags in 2022 - Bag

One of the best-selling bags on the market is one from Lemozo. With a flat base for greater stability and ample space to store your things. It also comes with a smaller bag to keep your sunglasses, documents, or protector without needing to be in contact with wet clothes.


Between tastes and colors, here you have many options to choose from this summer with which to take your things to the beach in the most comfortable way and with the best summer style.