Discover the best bags for the summer

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Discover the best bags for the summer. Summer is here! We remain super aware of trends and everything we can do to innovate our clothing and look incredible. And even if we are almost halfway through it, we must keep up to date on what we should or should not wear and best of all, how to use and combine them… We have already talked about clothes, trends, and how to be fashionistas. Now, it’s time we talk about those accessories vital for our looks, such as a purse or wallet.


After a long period in a pandemic where they were locked up, it’s time to take them out and dust them off. They also had a hard time, you know? They’re probably full of water or dirt, the sun may have even toasted them. Did your cat scratch yours? Well, if so, we’re in the same boat as my pet made it its personal bed. Isn’t that great? I love her so much.


But don’t be alarmed, everyone can wash up and shake off. The good thing about these accessories is that depending on their quality, their life span is longer, and who tells us that that wrinkle can’t give it a touch of originality? For me, I am happy to innovate!


What makes a bag fashionable?


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Summer fills us with color and its characteristic heat. This season, light fabrics and summer prints come to us. Bags also bring us summer trends; and brands like Dior and Chanel took them to the catwalks this year, demonstrating their importance and relevance with this street style.


For example, Jacquemus has their Le Petit Baci, a bag made with raffia and fringes. We love it because it goes well with summer and its beaches, sun, and sand. For its part, the Boyy brand, from New York, prefers bags in different designs and sizes. You can get them in any of their forms be it mini, medium, or maxi.


In the case of Chanel, it brings us a masterpiece with sizes, fabrics, and colors between light blue or bubblegum pink in very large sizes. They are the most sought after! Plus, its padded look and signature logo buckles make it look luxurious and ultra-chic. In the case of Bottega Veneta, it stands out as an omnipresent brand thanks to its shoulder bag-type models and arch in various sizes or voluminous and spacious shapes. On the other hand, the Loewe catwalk was showcased with elephant bags, with timeless shapes. I need one of those for my vacation!


As for Louis Vuitton, it never goes wrong with its composite bags, which have mini ones anchored to the main one. Quite innovative and beautiful. Likewise, JW Anderson is a candidate for an award (invented by me) mentioning originality and colorimetry. He made a bag shaped like a cap. Wow, how creative!


How to choose the color of the bag?


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Pastel and cream colors, earth colors, and those that are not too flashy – neutrals – are in trend. In the case of bags, for this summer you may prefer to choose large sizes within these color palettes.


This way, you’ll be able to take it anywhere and to any occasion. Among the newest, you can choose between black, beige, silver-gray, raw colors, white, camel, navy blue, coffee, and brown.


This neutral scale will allow you to play with the environment and blend in. You must keep in mind what is fashionable and adapt it to your style. For this, it is very necessary to know what is best for your personality and figure.


Remember that sometimes there are so many beauties and options, from classics, vintage or retro styles, to the eighties! Sometimes we forget to look inside and know what goes with our style. Don’t forget that the one you combine with your personality, is what will make you look more beautiful.


What bags should you wear in summer?


Social media is always a source of inspiration for fashionistas. It’s there that we have realized that there is no rule to follow. This season allows us the freedom to choose what we want and combine it however we want. There are bags for all tastes and in all forms: small, huge, medium, net, crochet, in the shape of a ball and a cap. The relevant thing is to combine them properly.


What is the best beach bag for your next trip? The Carrycot!


Fashion Trends and Style - Bags - Carrycot

As we are in a time of reinvention and reuse, it’s good to bring the option that appears every year, especially in summer, which is the carrycot. A bag that, in addition to being ideal for a beach vacation, we can take to the city without feeling out of tune with the environment.


This type of bag can be carried extra-large or small in the form of a shoulder bag. In my case, I always ask for the big one because I can fit everything!


Raffia is a natural material that’s been leading this season for being organic and sustainable over time … that is, it passes the slow-fashion test. As I said, you can choose models of different sizes, and colors. However, I recommend using it as a neutral color.


Parallel to this wave of caring for the environment, crochet-type bags are one of the most desired this year. With many colors and shapes, it could be considered basic during summer. In addition, firms like Prada have adapted their own models.


Baguette bag


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We can’t forget about the baguette bag. This is a small bag with a handle that allows you to carry it under your arm.


This way, it makes you look as if you don’t have it. You can use them in neutral colors such as white or sand.


However, you can also take a risk and choose bold tones to contrast.


This way, you’ll be able to break with the monochrome no matter the time of year


Petit bags


Fashion Trends and Style - Bags - Pettit Bags

On the other hand, if you’re not for one or the other, and prefer the minimalist look, the Jacquemus brand has your back.


They offer their famous “petit bags”, that is, mini bags.


You know, that type of bag where your phone and barely anything more fits. Despite their space, they’re still adorable, and almost every woman wants one.


With them, you can easily achieve the ideal summer look.


Red bags


Fashion Trends and Style - Bags - Red Bags

Last but not least, we bring you a type of bag among the most loved and also those that make you wrinkle your nose in equal measure.


Those that our ancestors used to make at markets.


Red bags! With long handles and its adaptable and moldable fabric, they are the perfect candidates for vacationing and looking urban and relaxed.


I love them because they are cheap and we have a variety of colors.



Choose the best bag for this summer!


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Summer is synonymous with smells, flavors, and colors that recharge us with positive energy and good vibes.


Nothing is better than a good bag as an accessory to complements us and makes us feel powerful.


Here at Fashion Trends, we are delighted with all this new fashion boom and the positive impact it will bring in the short and long term.


We also want to read your thoughts and opinions of these bags. Which one would you buy or which one is your favorite for your holidays?


How do you combine it? Are you one of those who prefers the delicate and refined, or those who need an elephant footbag for vacation?