Don’t stop shining with the best bag for every occasion

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The perfect bag exists! You have to find the one that best suits you and perfectly complements your outfit and style. Because, like shoes, the bags that drive us crazy aren’t always for all occasions.


How do I know that the bag is perfect for me if there are so many options, and they’re all temptations, almost like chocolate? Quiet! That’s why I am here, to help you choose the best bag for you, which can be functional and durable.


If “I need a comfortable bag that matches me” goes through your head, you’re correct. However, there are other things you should consider when acquiring yours, such as the morphology of your body so that you stand out.


Why use a bag?


Fashion Trends and Style - bags - Bags

We use bags because they’re spectacular accessories that elevate our outfit and allow us to carry our personal documents or whatever we want. The other day I had a hat, sunscreen, and even an umbrella.


They’re the ideal complement to your outfits, and if you use them properly, you will see yourself more beautiful than you already are.


Choosing it isn’t as easy as it seems, and that’s why we want to give you some tips to consider when buying your next bag.


How to choose a good bag?


Fashion Trends and Style - bags - Bags

As women, we seek visual harmony and balanced proportions.


For this reason, when choosing a bag, we must know our body type and what we want to highlight.


A bag? Will a bag help me with this? Does it work like that?


Yes, yes, and yes. To know more about this, you have to take into account these tips:


If you are tall.


You should look for bags taking into account the size. This means try looking for something that isn’t too small; otherwise, you will only look taller.


If you are short


I recommend bags with handles because they favor you. Especially if they have a short or medium handle, you can also opt for shoulder bags, not very long.


If you are curvy. 


The size of your bag should be proportional to your body, so don’t look at very small bags. Remember that we seek visual harmony. I invite you to dare with the shapes of your bags and fabrics to draw attention to the accessory.


If you have wide hips. 


Don’t wear purses that reach your hips because they will only widen them. Look for large bags with shapes to style and appear slimmer.


It’s important to consider that you have to find the balance and visual harmony between the accessory and you. Also, don’t buy a thousand different bags. With good quality and neutral tone, you will stand out. In this sense, it’s also important to consider that you should test your bag in front of a full mirror.


Now, big bags are for the day and small ones for the night, and if you have one of striking color, it can also be considered an accessory. In contrast, if you’re rocking an outfit with striking prints, choosing a bag in a different style is better.


How to choose a handbag?


Fashion Trends and Style - bags - Bags

The key is to compensate for the body’s curves and the bag’s lines. For this reason, you have to choose a bag or shoulder bag in the opposite shape to your silhouette.


Handbags are usually the ones that give you a very casual and chic style. They are those that have short or medium handles or that you only carry in your hand without handles.


Take into account that a bag is an essential accessory that no one should leave behind. Some bags look like the Felix the cat bag, and we can’t resist them.


You have to find the model that best suits your personality and find it in terms of practicality or beautify. They are ideal for the night, and you can carry them under your arm or in your hand.


What’s the best color for a bag?


Fashion Trends and Style - bags - Bags

As always, black is the winning color, and purses join it with transparency and nude tones.


However, black is classic par excellence, and to avoid setbacks, this is the ideal to get you out of trouble.


I suggest getting one in your size and without many details.


It must be adjustable and help you to be that perfect complement without overthinking. Thanks, black, for existing!


What is the difference between a bag and a handbag?


Fashion Trends and Style - bags - Bags

Technically, a wallet is a type of small-sized bag, and it comes with or without handles.


It’s intended for parties and celebrations, and we can find a lot of variety in its forms and types.


A bag is an object where everything fits (what I’m telling you about Felix, the cat’s bag).


We see the difference in size and utility, although in reality, almost no one talks about that difference; they are considered the same. But today, we bring you some options of handbags and purses in collaboration with They offer you high-end leather made in the USA that is also built to last. The best part is the price, as it suits your pocket and style.


What are the most popular types of bags?


Now that you know that you don’t need many bags, I will show you some. You will achieve that professional, serious, stylish, and tasteful look with them.


Tote style.


Fashion Trends and Style - the best bag for every occasion - handbags

One of the most useful you need to have. Also called a shopping bag, it’s that portfolio we need to have every occasion. If you’re short or plump, get a medium-sized one.


At, they have some interesting options for you that fit this style. One of them is the Magnolia, which with its modern touch of black leather and pebbles, brings you a timeless and iconic look.


It is designed for the woman in a hurry to fit in every moment of her day.


Cross style.


It’s a shoulder bag, smaller than the tote style. They are comfortable, versatile and can be worn across the body or over one shoulder.


If you visit Anscel’s store, you can find a crossbody bag called Mini Mystique, which is a small quilted bag made of soft black lambskin. It has an extra elegant touch and takes your style to the next level.


Envelope bags.


Fashion Trends and Style - the best bag for every occasion - handbags

It’s ideal for elegant occasions and allows us to look chicer.


They work for weddings or events that require formality.


At Anscel you will find an envelope purse called Adonis, and besides being considered the most beautiful, it is a type A black regulated leather wallet that stands out for being long and slim.


They are crafted to last a long time. It is beautiful and versatile to emphasize elegance.


The structured.


Fashion Trends and Style - the best bag for every occasion - handbags

Rectangular type, it doesn’t lose its shape and always looks elegant.


It’s ideal for work.


With short handles, it looks beautiful and with the long strap too.


You can access the Anscel store, and in the search bar, type Grande Mystique which is very similar to the structured ones, with padded flaps inside; this bag is ideal for taking to work.




Fashion Trends and Style - the best bag for every occasion - handbags

I love them! I want all the ones I see. They are practical, versatile, and aesthetically beautiful.


The good thing about them is that the weight goes to the back and not the sides. They are perfect for travel and everyday use.


Run to add to your cart the Jupiter backpack, made of high-quality, non-toxic lambskin and cowhide leather. 


You will feel luxurious with a single accessory that provides elegance and comfort.


How to choose the best bag for you


I hope that taking into account the advice that I give you from Fashion Trends, you will fly to get your ideal bag. How did you like this article? What is your perfect bag?