Bell-bottom pants and how to wear them with style in 2023

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Bell-bottom pants and how to wear them with style in 2023. The theory that everything comes back in fashion is yet again reaffirmed. Both what we like and what we don’t like, because nothing is left out. And today, we bring another demonstration of this with the return of bell-bottom pants.


We spent a long time wearing models of tight jeans, slim fit, with a hem that reaches the ankle without covering the foot, and the like. Certainly, choosing a type of jeans depends on our taste, comfort, and the occasion we are preparing. However, today’s trend leans again toward this seventies model, which in the 2000s had a strong presence in closets.


It is not a common cut, but it is ideal to wear daily. In addition, it helps to stylize the silhouette by lengthening it. With this model, you can create casual and everyday outfits while getting an elegant and sophisticated image wherever you go.


That’s why today we want to give you the best tips to show off your bell-bottom pants in the best style this season. All without making mistakes or combining the wrong clothes.


What are bell-bottom pants?


Fashion Trends and Style - Bell-bottom pants and how to wear them with style in 2023

Also known as flared pants, they widen when they reach the knee area, covering the entire foot. In this way, it adopts a shape similar to that of a bell, hence its name.


We can find its origin in the 19th century. This is the design of the pants sailors wore in the US Navy. To make it comfortable for them to take them off with their boots on.


It was in the 70s and as part of the hippie movement that these began to be worn as casual clothing items. These entered the fashion world with the help of designer Mary Quant, who was in charge of popularizing them.


What are the types of bell-bottom pants?




They are wide and flare from the beginning of the legs.




As their name suggests, they fit at the top and widen from the knees. So, currently, they are one of the most popular and used models.


How do you wear bell-bottom pants?


Take care of the proportions


Fashion Trends and Style - Bell-bottom pants and how to wear them with style in 2023

Because they are very striking pants, thanks to the width of their boot, we recommend making your waist stand out. This is how we shape the silhouette by using tight-fitting garments on top.


Wear the hem at ground level


It can be one of the big problems with this type of cut. And sometimes, many are longer than we want, and we drag the hem everywhere. On the contrary, it should not look short either, so the ideal length is just at ground level without touching it.


Add a blazer


With this piece, you can get an instantly elegant look by wearing it with bell-bottom pants, so be sure to try it out.


Dare to wear it in full color


Fashion Trends and Style - Bell-bottom pants and how to wear them with style in 2023

Monochromatic looks are more current than ever, and one way to wear them is also with bell-bottom pants. If you need help, follow the color wheel and make incredible combinations.


Denim + denim = winning combination


A combo that always works is pairing the top and bottom garments in denim fabrics of the same tone. This way, you take care of the aesthetics and appearance of the look.


Select a model according to your height


Many fashion experts do not recommend wearing flared pants for those who are short. However, some models are flattering, such as those with a high waist and open sides. These visually stylize your legs, making you look taller.


Type of footwear that you should avoid wearing with bell-bottom pants


Due to the kind of cut, not all types of shoes go well with these. Above all, because it is a pair of pants that is aimed at stylizing the figure. So, at all costs, avoid wearing it with:




Fashion Trends and Style - Bell-bottom pants and how to wear them with style in 2023

Especially those that are purely sporty, since they can make you look cropped, in addition to subtracting sophistication from the look inherent to the pants. If you can’t avoid it, choose the more street-style models with high soles.




It is the complete opposite of what is sought when wearing this type of pants. Which is to stylize and make you look a little taller. So, a flat shoe would be a mistake, plus the boot probably covers much more than the shoe, and you end up dragging it around. You will get a not-very-elegant look. So, always try to wear high shoes such as platform sandals, high soles, or medium heels.


High boots


One of the peculiarities of this type of pants is that it covers practically the entire foot and hides the type of shoes you are wearing. Because of this, high-top boots are not the best option if you want to show them off. Apart from that, it can show through the pants, taking away the aesthetics of the look.


Four ways to wear bell-bottom pants


Here, we bring you five proposals for flared pants that you can wear and look incredible. Since all of them are very easy to combine and wear.


Black flared pants


Fashion Trends and Style - Bell-bottom pants and how to wear them with style in 2023

A basic and perfect color to combine is black. So, buying bell-bottom pants in this color will be a sure success. Especially because we have already mentioned that this cut is stylizing, and if you use it in black, the effect will be greater. Use it with bright and metallic colors to stand out and look very sophisticated.


Likewise, you can wear it with tight clothing such as bodysuits and printed fabrics. If it’s during the day, wear it with blazers, jackets, or even knitted sweaters for a romantic and casual look.


Denim flared trousers


A wardrobe staple is jeans, in any of its cuts, because of the versatility it gives you to combine. And you can’t miss the bell boot because it will be the perfect accessory to create incredible outfits. You can wear this with practically all types of clothing and colors. Everything will depend on the occasion and your style of dressing.


Remember the recommendation to wear it in a total denim look without ignoring the vibrant colors. There is also room for jackets here. And if they are street-style patches, with a basic white T-shirt, you will look very modern and put together.


White flared pants


This color is perfect for this time of year, as we are leaving spring and entering summer. However, keep this color in autumn and even less in winter. Since, in the same way, they go perfectly with the season.


Like the black and denim bell-bottom pants, white is also very easy to combine and create impact styling. So, you can wear it with colorful tops and floral prints for a romantic style. Along with shirts with ribbon, lace, and embroidery details if you want something subtle.


For a sporty chic style, hoodies and sweatshirts are perfect. On the other hand, if you are not into this trend, you can wear knitted sweaters in pastel colors. For a more polished outfit, try a leather jacket and sandals.


Leather flared trousers


An elegant way to dress is to wear black or camel leather garments. With both, you will be able to look distinguished since the material itself helps achieve the look. But if we add to this the bell boot cut, it is a sure yes when it comes to refinement.


Therefore, for your slightly more formal outings, do not hesitate to use this type of material in your bell-bottom pants. Combine it up with sequins, transparencies, silk shirts, jackets, and blazers. Don’t forget your high sandals and a matching bag and accessories that complete your entire image.


Wearing bell-bottom pants is a simple task. You just have to keep in mind the proportions and the footwear to dress it with success and a lot of personality.


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