Beige: An awesome color for your favorite pair of pants during fall

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The PANTONE colors gave their predictions at the beginning of the year, showing us which colors would be in control this year, which is only four months away. However, to the surprise of many, a basic color has emerged that is imposed to attract everyone’s attention: beige.


This fall and winter, beige pants will be pretty much everything we need. These, in addition to their versatility, confirm that they are capable of creating the most impressive outfits. Taking the lead. What do you think of this color?


Fall comes loaded with everything and these pants (as a return to the ’90s) provide everything you need for a runway-worthy outfit: tailored or comfy, beige pants will hit your wardrobe as a must-have staple.


How to combine beige dress pants for women?


Fashion Trends and Style - Beige - Pants

 The “Back to the 90s” trend knocks on your closet doors to conquer your style. Did you expect it? This allows you to combine shapes, styles, colors, and everything you need, that’s why it’s a favorite. However, sometimes doubts get a hold of us and make us ask if we are doing it well or not.


However, getting a little out of the limitations that we can instill ourselves, I want to tell you that there are many ways to combine this trendy garment and it will make you look incredibly fashionable.


First, there are different types of beige pants and depending on the fabrics you can find different types of combinations. Do you want to know more about beige pants and their shapes? Take note!


Dress pants


Perfect for an office look, the ideal would be to combine it with a basic color shirt and play with a blazer of the same color, either black, white, or blue. You will look very professional. Now, if you want something riskier, I recommend a striped shirt under a beige blazer.


High-rise trousers


This garment is ideal to stylize the figure. Because of this, they’re no longer only for young people. With them, you can highlight your hips, reduce your waist or lengthen your legs. Combine them with a long sleeve or strap shirt, crop top, and coat to look even better.


Straight trousers


They are considered a revolution. This garment will make you look more urban and elegant. With them, tennis shoes, a belt and a basic white shirt with a denim jacket are perfect. If you want a more formal look, you can opt for white sneakers and a patterned shirt.


How to combine wide beige pants?


Fashion Trends and Style - Beige - Pants

Wide pant


Everyone’s favorite for the casual style it brings. Also, if they are made with linen or a similar fabric, you can combine them with brown sandals and white or black tank tops. You will look amazing!


Flared trousers.


They will give you a quite Bohemian look and full of elegance. Now, combining it will depend one hundred percent on your body type.


However, the best way is to combine it with tight garments if you want to increase the lower part to style


What colors go well with beige pants?


Fashion Trends and Style - Beige - Pants

Beige comes in different shapes and color palettes. It’s broader than you think, something that not many people know. In this sense, what do you think if I tell you that you can combine all these colors in one look? It’s possible, everything is possible.


In total look and with layers, they are perfect. Meanwhile, if you are looking for other styles, you can opt for black, white, pink, purple, fuchsia, yellow, orange and any shade of blue.


Do you want to know some other combinations? I present to you a basic sky blue shirt. This combination will reflect a lot of class and is perfect for casual outings. For something more formal, opt to tuck your shirt inside and add a black belt, beige, or navy blue blazer and you’re good to go!


On the other hand, beige and black are a sober combination and perfect for autumn days. Pair them with long boots, a black blazer, and a white blouse to make an impact. While white can also help make your outfit more fun. Do you like orange? Pair your beige pants with a basic horizontal striped t-shirt and an orange blazer to make yourself stand out, even from a distance.


How to wear beige pants during fall/winter 2021?


Beige pants, as you may have noticed, are a very efficient garment in terms of fulfilling their purpose. In fact, it’s considered a basic for its versatility and because they fulfill the function of stylizing our figure. So here I bring you some combinations with these pants.


The jogger and comfy garments


In total look, it will be a combination that will make you stand out. You will look amazing! Besides, many fashion editors certified that they elevate the style to a more formal one, if you combine it with a knitted sweater with a lower tone you will look more glamorous.


The pleated and oversize trousers


Looseness is a trend and if you add pleats to the front, you will be competing with Kendall Jenner. This way, you will get a minimalist and timeless look. You can combine them with a black belt, a basic shirt and a blazer or jacket of the same color, and black sandals.


The flared and high rise


Fashion Trends and Style - Beige - Pants

Victoria Beckham proposed and it became one of the best.


It is a garment worthy of trusting in diversity, in addition to standing out, it will stylize your figure correctly.


Here we can take risks with colors and if you combine it with a pale pink blazer and a knitted top in red or lilac it will accentuate the attractiveness.


The paper bag pants.


To look chic and casual, this outfit will coordinate very well with a knitted vest, loafers, and a hat as an accessory. Play with a bow blouse and it will provide a refinement of comfort that will stylize your figure.


What shoes can you wear with beige pants?


Fashion Trends and Style - Beige - Pants

When it comes to combining shoes with this color of pants, we can say there’s always something new. However, there are some classic and elegant shoe options that could turn heads.


  • Low nude color sneakers. Like a classic, and they make an interesting combination.
  • White closed shoes. They will give you a formal and original look.
  • Black or patterned stilettos. Worthy for a workday or a more formal outfit. While the prints will give you a more daring air.


Do you already know how to combine your beige pants for fall?


At Fashion Trends, we would like to know your opinion and how you would wear your pants in the fall, so tell us a little more about what you think about the timelessness of this garment.