5 Secret Beauty Tips for Dry Skin in Winter

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Winter brings tremendous joy along with it. Whether it’s a cup of hot coffee in the morning or playing around a bonfire at night. We wait for the beautiful cold season. I’m pretty sure you must have a reason to wait for winter that makes you feel excited and happy about it. 5 Secret Beauty Tips for Dry Skin in Winter.


Everyone loves and deserves to enjoy their favorite season. But for dry skin folks, winters become a matter of concern that keeps them from enjoying it fully.


Well, there is no problem without a solution. It’s the same for dry skin in winters. Taking care of dry skin is a big task. And in the winter seasons, it becomes even harder. Maybe it reminds you of the struggle you faced last winter with dry skin problems. We have got some incredible tips for you to take care of your dry skin. These tips are effective and less time-consuming so that you can enjoy winter with a sparkling glow on your face.


Aren’t you interested in knowing why your skin becomes dull in winters? I’m sure you want to know the cause behind dry and flaky skin. Let’s find out.


Why Skin Becomes Dull in Winters


Maybe you noticed our skin tends to respond differently in every season. We can’t really control the weather, but we have in control the care of our skin according to the seasons and our skin requirements.


In winter, our skin has to confront cold dry air, which is relatively harsh on almost every skin type. Dry skin is no less than a nightmare. It evaporates moisture from the skin and leaves it dry and flaky. 


Some lovely souls with extra dry skin experience severe skin dryness, leading to skin peeling, itchiness, fine lines, and deep cracks on the skin. Everybody takes care of their body and skin according to the time and knowledge they have. 


Rest assured! The amazing tips you are about to learn will keep your skin moisturized and save you from harsh cold air.


5 Secret Beauty Tips For Dry Skin In Winters


Do you know what happens to a plant when it doesn’t get enough sun exposure and water? It dries out and becomes fragile. It doesn’t smell good or entices anybody. Isn’t that the same thing that happens to our skin in winters? For dry skin, winter is an adverse season. It needs proper hydration, nourishment, and moisturizer to help it look captivating.


Giving glowing skin to dry-skin people in winters seems extremely time-consuming and next to impossible. But it’s easier and less time-consuming than you think. You just need to follow some good skincare habits as well as unfollow non-effective skincare habits.


Follow these amazing beauty tips to make your skin glow in the winter.


  • Keep your skin moisturized: Freezing cold temperature with dry harsh air deprives the skin of moisture. It evaporates very quickly so to keep your skin moisturized you should apply as much moisturizer as your skin needs it.


Skin moisturizing formula plays a huge role, giving your skin what it needs to be healthy. If you are using water-based lotion or sunscreen lotion or cream in winter and wondering why your skin is getting dry and dull, I urge you to stop it. Instead, use an oil-based moisturizer or formula-based lotion to get your natural glow back. 


Shea butter, almond oil, avocado oil, and coconut oil-based lotions work best for dry skin. And here is a little extra tip for you. Moisturizing right after the bath helps to lock in moisture. So never forget to do it in winter.


  • Stay hydrated: Moisturizing your skin is not enough. If your body is dehydrated it doesn’t matter how much quality moisturizing you try to instill in the skin. It will never be enough. 


Usually, we think our body doesn’t require as much water and hydration in winters compared to summer. But it’s not like that. You need it as much as in summers even if you don’t feel dehydrated. If you are busy with work and tend to forget your basic hydration needs, use reminder apps. They are always here to serve you.


Water is good, but what about other nutrients your skin needs to glow most?


You can infuse yourself with the goodness of fruits and veggies. It will not only keep you hydrated but also nurture your skin with vital nutrients.


  • Get nourished with natural oils: Almond oil, castor oil, olive oil, coconut oil, and avocado oil are hyped by celebrities for their amazing properties. Probably it sounds old school because now we have a variety of innovative products to choose from. Then, why do we need to use oil? 


Most beauty products include these amazing oils as their unique selling point. People like us are attracted to it because somewhere we know these goodies work better than anything else for the skin.


I’m not telling you to use these magical oils in the daytime. I won’t do it either. But you can make these a part of your night skincare regime. All you have to do is wash your face and massage it on your skin. Then, just go to sleep. And get a natural glow every day.


  • Avoid hot showers: The idea of getting a cold shower in winter can appall us. Besides, some people struggle to take baths even with hot water in winters. So, it seems like the most difficult task on earth without any reward.


You will get soft moisturized skin as a reward for taking a cold shower. For dry skin people, hot water should be avoided at any cost. In fact, it not only removes natural oils from the skin but also damages it. As a result, skin becomes extremely dry, flaky, and starts to peel. It may lead to serious skin problems.


Taking cold showers is a small sacrifice to make for your skin.


  • Make a shift in your makeup products: Are you using a matte primer, foundation, and matte face powder in winters? Please don’t! 


Using matte, silicon, and even water-based products for dry skin in winters is no different from shooting yourself in the foot. Let me guide you to use the right formulated makeup that doesn’t dry out the skin and helps nourish it deeply.


Firstly, you need to use top primers for dry skin that work as a smooth canvas to provide seamless makeup application without drying out the skin. Don’t use a gel or matte primer in winters, it can lead to extreme dryness and will make your skin lifeless.


Secondly, if you don’t want your makeup to slip off and dry out, you need to use top foundations for dry skin that stay up long without making your skin flaky. Along with it, I strongly suggest avoiding using a foundation with a matte finish, water-based, and more importantly, a foundation that contains alcohol will aggravate dryness on an extreme level.


The third tip is not to put multiple layers of makeup. Also, use a blender for an evenly spread foundation, and exclude face powder from your makeup kit in winter. Other makeup products are fine to use.


Charismatic look and skincare both are dependent on your choice of primer and foundation. It may enhance or spoil either of them. So don’t use products that you think are good but use products that actually fit your skin type.


Wrapping up: Freezing cold winters cause dry, patchy, flaky, and dull skin. So it needs to get proper nourishment to revive its natural glow. We have shared some effective and easy tips to get the skin you love.


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