Get to know the beauty secrets of celebrities

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Get to know the beauty secrets of celebrities. What practices and techniques do the best-known celebrities apply to stay beautiful and radiant over time?


We know that they owe a lot to the products and treatments they may resort to. However, there are some tricks that, without having to spend much (even nothing), have helped them to lengthen that youthful appearance on their skin and body in general.


Therefore, let´s find those beauty secrets of some celebrities and follow their example. And apply it to our daily routine and look that good.


Celebrity Beauty Secrets


Water and Lemon


Fashion Trends and Style - Celebrity Beauty Secrets - tips

This tip comes to us from the hand of the beautiful Scarlett Johansson, who, to keep fit, drinks 2 liters of water, and when fasting, she drinks one glass of water but adds lemon.







Ice your Face


A very common and commented practice is to apply ice to the face. People say it helps keep the skin smooth. And there must be something to it because it is the practice that Kate Hudson applies to her face when she says it’s dull.


Organic Oil


Fashion Trends and Style - Celebrity Beauty Secrets - tips

Jessica Alba hydrates her face with organic oils to keep it hydrated and prevent the appearance of wrinkles. 


Don’t touch your face


This advice is worth considering because the great Meryl Streep tells us that she maintains her face by not touching it. In this way, she avoids wrinkles and bacteria.


Say no to Coffee


A measure adopted by the super famous Jennifer López is not to drink coffee. Since she considers it something that affects her health, body, and consequently her skin.


Apply Steam


Fashion Trends and Style - Celebrity Beauty Secrets - tips

An option, perhaps a bit strange, that Sharon Stone uses. After putting on makeup, she takes a hot bath in the tub so that the steam helps the makeup last much longer.


Little Makeup


Catherine Deneuve chooses to apply very little makeup. She says that she usually uses something very light so as not to burden her face, with a fluid base and a matte effect.





Fashion Trends and Style - Celebrity Beauty Secrets - tips

This product is super important in the daily beauty routine since it helps the skin a lot and counteracts damage.


Michelle Pfeiffer and Julianne Moore realize it because they do not leave the house without applying their protection.


All regardless of the time of year and the weather.


Green is Health


Another beauty tip from Kate Hudson is to drink green juice for breakfast without citrus ingredients to avoid adding sugar. And if you crave sweets, eat a whole fruit.


Natural Ingredients


Fashion Trends and Style - Celebrity Beauty Secrets - tips

The actress Emma Stone is inclined toward consuming natural ingredients to take care of her body and health. Even to take care of her skin. The same applies since she is used to exfoliating with muscovado sugar and olive oil.


Say No to Cigarettes


Cameron Diaz, who has published two books on beauty and wellness tips, says that one of the best options to improve health and beauty is to quit smoking, which provides multiple benefits. 


One glass of red wine


Red wine is rich in flavonoids, contains many antioxidants, and is good for cardiovascular health.


So, let’s follow this practice from Halle Berry, who drinks a nightcap daily to help reduce aging and cell damage.


Functional Training


Fashion Trends and Style - Celebrity Beauty Secrets - tips

Another piece of advice that Jennifer López leaves us is to exercise the body. And in her case, she resorts to the functional training of Tracy Anderson, who, with her method, keeps JLo in shape.


I think many of us like this better than the advice to give up coffee.


Go to the Spa


Jessica Alba leaves us another practice in her routine: going to her favorite spa to enjoy the sauna and massages. And thus release stress and deeply cleanse her pores and skin.




Fashion Trends and Style - Celebrity Beauty Secrets - tips

Catherine Deneuve tells us that, after the age of 50, the skin tends to dry out and lose elasticity. This is why she hydrates it profoundly and removes impurities with cleansing milk.


Goodbye to the towel


The beautiful Megan Fox gets used to getting out of the shower and avoiding using the towel as much as possible. And with her skin still wet, she applies the moisturizer to her face and the rest of her body to have radiant skin.


Take care of the food


Fashion Trends and Style - Celebrity Beauty Secrets - tips

The Oscar winner, Cate Blanchett, takes excellent care of her digestive system. For this reason, she opts for the consumption of probiotics to help rebuild the intestinal flora. Since her motto is that if you are healthy on the inside, it will be reflected on your exterior.


Complete Exfoliation


It is the routine that Sofía Vergara applies. She does it completely and makes her skin look radiant.


Another tip of this actress is that she does not outline her eyes in black but brown so as not to look overloaded.


Exercise at least 3 hours a day


At the age of 82, Tina Turner is still an active exerciser. She dedicates at least 3 hours a day to exercise to stay active and maintain her shape. And, of course, her health.




Retinol is the secret weapon used by Rosie Huntington – Whiteley, who fights the appearance of fine lines, blemishes, and open pores thanks to its vitamin A content. Without a doubt, this is a routine that we must copy.




Fashion Trends and Style - Celebrity Beauty Secrets - tips

In addition to sunscreen, Gwyneth Paltrow chooses one based on zinc. Since this ingredient helps counteract the deterioration of the skin when exposed to UV rays.


Baking Soda in Your Beauty Routine


A practice used by our Pretty Woman is using sodium bicarbonate in the daily brushing of the teeth. And maintaining her oral health in excellent condition.


Hair Care


Fashion Trends and Style - Celebrity Beauty Secrets - tips

For former model Cindy Crawford, hair care is essential. And to take care of hers, she religiously attends to her stylist every month to touch up her color and includes the application of a mask.


Take a close look at your skin


Gloria Estefan’s advice is to look at the skin with a magnifying glass. All to observe in a (very) detailed way any signs of aging that it may present. And that way, apply the appropriate treatment for the case.


Exercise with what you like the most


Fashion Trends and Style - Celebrity Beauty Secrets - tips

We know that daily exercise brings us multiple benefits to the body and health in general. Therefore, when exercising, do it with the activity you like the most and enjoy so that it is not something tedious to complete. This is Jennifer Lawrence’s advice.


Tone Your Body


What does the former model Iman do to maintain her figure? She simply follows a routine of aerobics and weights, burning calories and toning her body.


Food Supplements


Fashion Trends and Style - Celebrity Beauty Secrets - tips

Again, Megan Fox brings us another tip, super important.


After her last pregnancy, the actress did not stop taking vitamin supplements.


Since they continue to provide her with what she needs to maintain her health and be active.


Skin Masks


Model Candice Swanepoel goes for her easy treatment once a month, which she reinforces at home with cleanings and hydrating masks.


Today there is an infinity of masks on the market and at very affordable prices that we can buy to pamper ourselves at home.


Balanced Diet


Scarlett Johansson does not believe in strict diet and exercise regimens. So, she includes the dishes she likes the most but consumes them in moderation.


The Right Shampoo


Blake Lively leaves us her advice, that although we know it is something very basic and to which we may not pay attention. She affirms that it is essential for the health of our hair. And it is the selection of shampoo suitable for our type to stay healthy and strong.


Sleeping well should be part of your beauty routine


Fashion Trends and Style - Celebrity Beauty Secrets - tips

Susan Sarandon reaffirms what many doctors repeat to us, the importance of good sleep. The actress practices religiously, hydrating her skin and eating healthy.


Now that you know these beauty secrets, you have many options to choose from and put into practice. And see yourself as beautiful as the celebrities who practice it.