7 basic garments that should never be missing in your wardrobe

FashionTrends-7 basic garments that should never be missing in your wardrobe

7 basic garments that should never be missing in your wardrobe. Although trends are a boom that we all must be aware of. That doesn´t mean that we go through life and every year buying everything that comes out constantly. That can’t be done. We would live ruined, in addition to being all uniformed. That´s why it´s also very important to have key and basic quality garments that are durable.


This doesn´t mean that you don´t have to wear trends, of course not. On the contrary, with a little ingenuity and creativity, you can adapt them to yourself. And wear them as long as it doesn´t affect your pocket since fashion is to be enjoyed.


So, it´s important to have wardrobe basic pieces that help you complement and elevate your style. Always helping you stay at a point where you don´t feel like a grandmother, but rather the queen of the catwalks and good taste. In this sense, we recommend, in Fashion Trends, that you invest in quality garments. I assure you, you´ll not regret deciding to buy them, and that´s why we propose these seven garments.


What are the basic items of a wardrobe?


If you open your closet, I’m sure you have a good notion of what you have. And what you own should at least help you make different combinations. Take note to know more. Basic garments.


FashionTrends-White shirt. It´s ideal if you have a work meeting. For a casual outing on a Friday with your friends and even to go to the beach. With it, you can create a wide variety of outfits that will get you out of trouble. And of course, help you complement your style. The trick is in the accessories.


Classic jeans. This basic is a must-have in your wardrobe. You can wear them for casual outings, horseback riding, a chill outing with your friends. Jeans come in handy for different occasions. And you can combine them with different footwear that suits you. 


FashionTrends-Classic black dress. And it doesn’t necessarily have to be black, you can wear it in brown too. That will depend on your skin type. The point is that it can help you for different occasions when you have no idea what to wear. For a casual outing with your friends or a cocktail … even a date.


The high heels. If they´re red, better. Although the color doesn´t matter, you can have them black for more security. They´re the perfect option for those days when you need to lift your spirits with a look. They not only help you increase your height but also your self-esteem.


Purse. It´s very important when deciding to acquire your wallet or purse, you should know that it has to represent you. There you will see the difference. And you´ll realize that it´s worth making a good investment in this accessory that can last you for many years.


FashionTrends-A suitA suit. For a more formal style, you need a jacket set. Even if it´s to go to work formally, for a wedding, or depending on the type of activity that´s presented to you. You can wear it with heels or even tennis shoes. Fear not, because now it´s possible, and you will look very chic.


Sneakers. And that´s what you can´t miss when putting together your wardrobe basic, the white tennis shoes. They´re the solution for those days when you don’t feel like dressing at all. Now you can wear it with midi-type skirts, dresses, sets with jackets, and to go to the office.


What can you not miss in your closet?, Basic garments


FashionTrends- What can you not miss in your closetAs you already know, every season fashion changes, it varies and transforms. It evolves. And that doesn´t mean that you have nothing to wear. Because these clothes will always help you when you have no idea that they could work for you. If what you want is to dress well and look different. So, I suggest you always keep these basics in your closet. That way you can add and add things that can help you get out of that monotony of style. Basic garments.


You can think of prints, accessories, or colors that help you transform your looks completely. And thus, help you to experiment on occasions. Other garments with which you can experiment are daily dresses that are not just black. Because it´s feminine and you can wear them for any occasion that deserves a quick choice. Have it preferably in a white, gray, or pastel shade.

What jackets do you need to have?


FashionTrends-What jackets do you need to haveThe cardigan can also help you feel elegant. And the seriousness of the outfit will come depending on how you combine the elements. You can have it in different colors, styles, and patterns, which helps you to play with them for a fun look. But if you´re looking for another style, you can choose a military-type jacket.


For a more informal look, the jean jacket will always be your best ally. And if you want a more casual vibe, you can wear a blazer of the Scottish type. Now, if you´re a rock fan, I recommend the black leather jacket, which will give you a more casual air.


Get an office look with a blazer. If it´s black, it will be better to adapt to other combinations, although, if you prefer pastel colors, they´re also very fashionable. And if what you need is a more romantic style, the wool overshirt is an excellent option for you. It will help you look beautiful and chic.


At Fashion Trends we love fashion and knowing that we can help you have the best style of all. That´s why we want to know how to help you get the best ideas that you can use to complement the style and thus be able to go out feeling like a diva. 


Remember that trends are not to be taken so literally. They´re considered an idea that can be inspiring to adapt them to our styles and tastes. So, don´t start with wearing the latest fashion trend. Better try to make the basics the basis of a better look.