Barbiemania and how to wear it in makeup

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Barbiemania and how to wear it in makeup. The premiere of the new Barbie movie has unleashed a fire among fans. Both previous and new generations are equally invested, even if they did not play with one of these in their childhood. This doll is an icon and a symbol for everyone. And thanks to the excellent marketing work we have seen, no one can resist Barbiemania and its addictive pink. So, the current trend is to wear this color in everything we can think of: clothing, accessories, shoes, and, of course, makeup!


One of the most iconic aspects of Barbie is her makeup. Of course, with all this commotion, it is being replicated. So, let’s just go with the flow. Don’t go to the movies or to any get-together these days without your Barbie look! And if you don’t know how to get it, keep reading so you know how to wear Barbie-mania in makeup correctly.


What is Barbie Core makeup?


Fashion Trends and Style - Barbiemania and how to wear it in makeup - banner

The makeup style seeks the greatest possible resemblance to what the Barbie doll wears. It is also achieved using the brand’s colors or specific clothing. This type of makeup wants to show off a very polished image. So, we want the skin glowing, with a soft, radiant appearance, and, above all, very neat.


Also, in this type of makeup, we notice that it is about enlarging the eyes and making them pop. Just like getting prominent, lustrous, and striking lips. To do this, we need to apply lip gloss very generously and get the look we want. Likewise, we go for a light foundation so it evens out the skin tone and translucent powder to set. For the eyes, strong and bright colored shadows that stand out are the favorites, all without forgetting the eyeliner.


Other details to consider are that, for a glam look, false eyelashes are a must. As well as resorting to eyebrow shaping to demarcate them and make them much more prominent.


How do you achieve the Barbie Core look in makeup?


And since we know that many want to recreate this look, here are the steps to follow to achieve it:




Fashion Trends and Style - Barbiemania and how to wear it in makeup - makeup

The first step is to prepare your face before applying any makeup product. Start with a neutral soap, then use a moisturizer or primer for a better base.


Foundation and concealer


After completing the previous step, apply your go-to foundation. And if necessary, use a concealer to hide dark circles and marks if you have them. Make sure you blend very well so that it looks as natural as possible.




Once you apply the foundation, seal it with loose powder with the help of a special brush or sponge.




Fashion Trends and Style - Barbiemania and how to wear it in makeup - makeup

A special touch in this type of makeup will be the application of highlighter at strategic points. Go for the top of the cheekbones, your inner corners, your chin, and the cupid´s bow to get your face glowing.




We already talked about how this type of makeup is characterized by emphasizing the eyes. To do this, eyeliners are the best, either on gel, cream, or crayon, according to your taste and comfort. It is also necessary to apply eyeshadows in vibrant and bright colors to open the eye and make it look larger. All in all, this will make them look more striking.


Eyelashes and eyebrows


Fashion Trends and Style - Barbiemania and how to wear it in makeup - makeup

We mentioned that false eyelashes are part of this makeup and everyday life. Since they have become an essential accessory for many, this is the perfect opportunity if you have not tried them yet. You will give depth to your eyes, making them look more attractive.


The same goes for your eyebrows. Such striking makeup deserves well-defined eyebrows. So, we recommend filling them and putting on some eyebrow gel, but keep them natural




Of course, you cannot miss this essential touch with which you will add color to your face and stylize your features. Also, when have you seen a Barbie without rouge on her cheeks?




Wear something bright that matches the color of the eyeshadows. Or maybe a creamy lipstick in one of the pink tones of the theme if you want to stand out much more.


Combine pink in various shades


Fashion Trends and Style - Barbiemania and how to wear it in makeup - makeup

Certainly, the pink used for Barbie is one of the most recognizable shades of pink in the world. And since 2011, it has had its own Pantone, called Barbie Pink or #219C. The Barbie Core color is made up of a color palette that includes bright pink, fuchsia, and magenta and that transmits softness, sweetness, joy, femininity, and optimism.


Still, you can wear more intense or even soft shades of pink. This trend does not focus on the brand’s color itself but on a whole range of pinks to combine and create various looks in your makeup. It all depends on whether you want something a little more natural or, on the contrary, a full glam.


Variations of Barbie Core makeup


As in fashion and also in makeup, everything is versatile and can be adapted. This case is no exception, as there are different ways to wear makeup with the Barbie Core trend. But of course, pink is still the protagonist, and here we leave you the options:




Fashion Trends and Style - Barbiemania and how to wear it in makeup - makeup

As we explained at the beginning, one way to wear it in classic mode is to show uniform and glowy skin. With glossy lips, defined and delicate eyes, and pink cheeks, it will look subtle and neat, just like the doll we know and love.




Here, the emphasis is on the eyes, where instead of applying bright-colored eyeshadows, we go for dark ones with a matte finish. The rest of the makeup follows the same theme. But remember that pink cannot be missing, only that you will combine it with black and gray colors, among others, to follow this style.




Its name says it all. Here it is all about combining pink in its softest version with other pastel colors. Everything to achieve a dream look very soft, sweet, and tender. You can add glitter to your lips and eyes and a touch of highlighter to keep you shining.


Bonus: Barbie Core Nails


Fashion Trends and Style - Barbiemania and how to wear it in makeup - makeup

Of course, we cannot leave out something as important as our hands and nails, which Barbie-mania also infects. Of course, the star’s color is pink. Now, as for the shape, choose your favorite! They can be square (just like Barbie wears them), long or almond-shaped, etc., but don’t leave your nails without the quintessential Barbie tone.


We love this trend’s versatility to adapt and combine it with other colors and styles. Because the only requirement is to wear pink. Of course, keep in mind that if you are uncomfortable with it, you can look for one of the variations and use the one that looks best on you.


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