Barbiecore: The incredible trend that is sweeping social media

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Barbiecore: The incredible trend that is sweeping social media. As we all know, the long-awaited Barbie movie is almost out. We have high expectations. The movie album is almost out, with up-and-coming artists like Dua Lipa, Billie Eilish, and Sam Smith.


But let’s talk about the whole trend that the announcement of this movie has unleashed. It´s had a fantastic marketing strategy and undoubtedly had a huge impact on the fashion world: the Barbiecore!


Keep reading this post to discuss this interesting phenomenon and how it has shaken the fashion industry.


What is Barbie Core?


Fashion Trends and Style -- Barbiecore: The incredible trend that is sweeping social media - Barbiecore

Barbiecore is a trend inspired by the famous Barbie doll and her lifestyle. It’s been around for a few years now, but it’s taken center stage, with the movie’s release coming up very soon. People often use pink in their outfits or iconic accessories that the doll has had over the years. But it stands out mainly because of the Barbie pink color in total looks.


The trend came after a great post-pandemic with dopamine colors. It began to reach the public massively after the announcement of the movie Barbie, starring Margot Robbie as Barbie and Ryan Gosling as her boyfriend, Ken. Several brands, such as Valentino and Balenciaga, are already exploring this shade of pink in their designs and brand language.


The internet went wild from the movie announcements, something almost unheard of. The fashion world turned pink, from street style to the biggest celebrities and brands.


And it is that the film, directed by Greta Gerwig, will have a feminist approach where there will be greater inclusion. Leaving the stereotype of thinness that the Barbie doll has always had. In addition, the Mattel toy arouses a lot of nostalgia for everyone since it was an essential part of our childhood.


To be more specific, Barbiecore is a dress code based on hyper-femininity (although it is not only for women), with a touch of cheesy and obvious, a lot of bubblegum pink.


Barbie Core Origins


Fashion Trends and Style -- Barbiecore: The incredible trend that is sweeping social media - Barbiecore

Although this dress code is a trend right now, the truth is that it has been present in the fashion world for several years.


It was born in the early 2000s, which reinforces the return of Y2K. One of the first celebrities we saw this trend on was Paris Hilton, who has always been iconic and characteristic for wearing a lot of pink. All this is tied to the fact that she is blonde, rich, and thin, fitting the Barbie stereotype at the time.


We’ve seen Kim Kardashian and her sisters wearing this head-to-toe color again, and Dua Lipa, too. Even different influencers. And, of course, the Barbiecore style has not been lacking in the men’s wardrobe either.


Starting with Jake Gyllenhaal, wearing a pale pink tuxedo at the Tony Awards. In addition to Sebastian Stan with his total look in neon pink.


And at the premiere of the Barbie movie, we saw everything. From Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling, who have worn outfits from another world, as always, Dua Lipa and Karol G also stood out, causing an impact with their outfits.


Barbie’s best red carpet looks


Fashion Trends and Style -- Barbiecore: The incredible trend that is sweeping social media - Barbiecore

Many celebrities got a chance to rock their best outfits on the red carpet for this amazing movie. We will tell you what were the best looks of all:


One of the ones that stood out the most was Nicki Minaj, wearing a gray two-piece outfit showing off her curvy hourglass figure. She undoubtedly dazzled the entire red carpet and stole more than one look.


Another celebrity that super stood out, as we already mentioned it, was Dua Lipa. She wore a body-hugging dress that looked like glass. She was transparent and wore it just as she could in her unique style, which was iconic, as always, of course.


Next up was Billie Eilish. She wore a pink button-down shirt with black stripes and a black tie. Adding some black shorts and wide sports shoes, like skate shoes. She hinted that sometimes less is more, that simplicity can also set the trend, and without a doubt, she was absolutely right because she looked incredible.


Finally, we cannot forget about Karol G. It was a very special night for her, as it is part of the film’s soundtrack.


She was dressed in pink from head to toe, literally. Karol even dyed her hair a soft pink. A top of this color with a patterned skirt that she combined perfectly. She played with various shades of the same color, which is a great idea.


How to wear the Barbiecore


Barbiecore is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful trends this year when it comes to fashion. But do you know how to wear it? It’s not just wearing pink. There are some key clothes and styles. We leave you some tips.


Wear the full range of pink


Fashion Trends and Style -- Barbiecore: The incredible trend that is sweeping social media - Barbiecore

Although hot pink or Barbie pink is the color that represents this trend, you don’t need to use only that tone. You can play with the full range of tones that this color has.


The truth is to get the most out of pink in your outfits. It is best to apply various shades to obtain the perfect outfit. Also, look for items that bring out that flashy, feminine vibe.


Don’t be afraid to wear patterns


Do not hesitate to bet on Barbie-style prints. You will look like the doll itself. For example, choose a blazer with a hot pink check print skirt. You will look amazing!


With the Barbie color prints, you will achieve fascinating, striking, and feminine looks.


Bet on striking contrasts


Fashion Trends and Style -- Barbiecore: The incredible trend that is sweeping social media - Barbiecore

Not all the outfits should be hot pink. Of course, you can wear various bright colors to contrast in your outfit.


The game of contrasts will be striking and sophisticated, which greatly characterizes the Barbie doll. They are also quite cheerful, ideal for a sunny summer day or an outing with friends.


We assure you that playing with contrasts is a must to achieve a much trendier and more interesting outfit.


You already have the necessary advice to put together an outfit that goes according to the Barbiecore trend. Are you ready? Tell us how it went!


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