Baggy Jeans and How to wear them this Summer 2023

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Because of their similarity in shape to a jogger, baggy jeans are a symbol of street style. However, you can still put together casual and elegant looks with them.


Being a practically retro model, since they returned to being in trend, they have continued being worn. All thanks to the versatility and comfort they offer and the large number of styles that we can create with them.


If you have a pair of baggy jeans in your closet and don’t know how to wear them, you’ve come to the right place! Because today we are going to talk about this type of pants and how to wear it in an incredible way this coming summer.


What kind of pants are baggy jeans?


The pants called baggy jeans, usually go from hip height to the floor. The cut is quite loose, and denim fabric is commonly presented in a worn color with tears, openings, and other things.


However, thanks to the evolution of fashion and trends, this model has been versioned. And we can find it in a shorter length, reaching calf height and a little tighter, which better defines the silhouette and provides better texture.


Who do baggy jeans favor?


This type of pants favors those who seek to lengthen their legs visually. And for those with a rectangular body. They are ideal since they help, as we mentioned, to define the silhouette, creating curves and giving a lovely image of the figure.


What to take into account when wearing baggy jeans?


Make sure they are the right size


Fashion Trends and Style -Baggy Jeans and How to wear them this Summer 2023 - Baggy jeans

The original model of baggy jeans can undoubtedly be considered oversized, and if you are inclined to this type of cut, we recommend (for this and any oversized garment) that it is your size.


The secret of wearing baggy clothes is not to choose two sizes more than yours, but the right one and its cut or clothing is oversized.


This way, you won’t look like you’re wearing the wrong size or borrowed clothes.


Balance your outfits


Fashion Trends and Style -Baggy Jeans and How to wear them this Summer 2023 - Baggy jeans

Because baggy jeans are wide or baggy garments, they should be worn with tight pieces at the top and thus achieve balance and stylize the silhouette. Pieces like tops and others that are tight are ideal. And on the other hand, you can also include belts to mark the waist of the body.


For a more formal look, add a defined or structured blazer, with which you can also achieve that balance between garments.


Pay attention to the proportions


A bit related to the previous point, we again emphasize the importance of wearing a tighter garment on top. Now, it is also essential to pay attention to the issue of shoes since these must also be proportioned with the volume of the pants. Therefore, if you choose a very wide baggy jean model. You should not wear small delicate shoes, such as ballerinas, flats, or the like, but footwear with a greater proportion and volume to balance, such as platforms.


However, for people with a narrow structure in the upper body area, it is recommended to provide volume in this part. But if you want to highlight the lower area, you should make your pants stand out.


Make them a focal point


Fashion Trends and Style -Baggy Jeans and How to wear them this Summer 2023 - Baggy jeans

Due to their cut, width, and length, we know that they are a very striking type of pants. However, if you want to make them stand out much more, you can go for patterned models or bright colors. But if you want a totally different and even elegant look, opt for neutral or classic colors such as nude, navy blue, and military green.


Say yes to hems


A trendy way to wear baggy jeans is by hemming the edge or hem. In this way, you help small figures to look a little taller, revealing your ankles and part of the leg, or to give a look a different aspect.


Choose the right footwear


Fashion Trends and Style -Baggy Jeans and How to wear them this Summer 2023 - Baggy jeans



We have already talked about the proportions that must be sought when choosing the footwear we will wear with baggy jeans, but we also want to mention some types of shoes that go great with these pants. Such as heels, high boots, tennis shoes, loafers, combat boots, and chunky sandals.


In addition, it is important to consider that by wearing high shoes, you are going to balance the bagginess of the pants, in addition to gaining a few more centimeters.


The flattering high waist


Fashion Trends and Style -Baggy Jeans and How to wear them this Summer 2023 - Baggy jeans

In this line of styling, the recommendation of choosing a high-waisted model also enters.


This type of cut favors all of us and is an excellent way to wear baggy jeans, given their proportions. Since it will help you flatten your belly while you will look taller, giving an elongating effect to your legs and dissecting attention to your waist.




Trendy baggy jeans models 2023


Cargo style with pockets


Fashion Trends and Style -Baggy Jeans and How to wear them this Summer 2023 - Baggy jeans

The cargo, without a doubt, are the pants of the moment. We see them everywhere and in the latest fashion trend that has caused a furor. The main characteristic of this model of pants is its large pockets arranged on the sides of each leg, as well as its wide and long boot.


However, they are slightly similar models, so you can easily wear a baggy model with cargo pockets, and you will have both pants in one.


Torn or trimmed fabric


Torn jeans, with openings, are nothing new. Since they were used for the first time, they have continued being worn, and they are becoming increasingly established in trends. But well, at present, and how many garments are versioned. This is no exception. In terms of cuts and torn, those that are unique and clean or in an orderly manner forming patterns are included, and thus give a minimalist style.


Color and Vintage


Fashion Trends and Style -Baggy Jeans and How to wear them this Summer 2023 - Baggy jeans

At the beginning we mentioned that a very original and striking way to wear your part of baggy jeans is with colored or patterned models. So, if you are a fan of this style of wearing colorful pants, then include a pair in bright colors like fuchsia, purple, yellow, green, etc., and get a cheerful and modern image.




One of the most elegant and minimalist trouser cuts that exist is the palazzo. With its straight, clean lines and characteristic width, it’s ideal to wear over baggy jeans. So much so that, thanks to the width of each leg, you can even wear it as if it were a wide and long skirt. Of course, wear a top or a bra on top for an impact look.




Fashion Trends and Style -Baggy Jeans and How to wear them this Summer 2023 - Baggy jeans

Leather or leatherette continue to be worn with encouragement and are still in trend. Whether in shorts, skirts, or pants, we continue to see this type of fabric, not only in stores and on the street, but also on the catwalks.


For this reason, we cannot stop recommending baggy pants in leather fabric. These will be perfect for those casual and elegant nights out, where you want to look sophisticated, chic and striking.


There are many options and ways to wear baggy jeans, and you just have to look for the one that best suits you and your taste.


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