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Why are Birkenstock sandals in fashion?

Considered the coolest footwear on the planet, Birkenstock sandals have conquered the hearts of many since they hit the market. They were born as orthopedic products, and it was both the boom and the love for them that they became a trend and an inexplicable fashionista boom.   This German footwear, particularly the Arizona model, […]

5 ideas to combine a pencil skirt

Within the wardrobe that we all need to have, the pencil skirt is a super important basic that has the particularity of favoring our body, whatever type and shape it may be. In addition, it is a very feminine garment and key to providing a very elegant and sensual figure.   They also lengthen the […]

Is the effortless chic style in fashion?

Wearing a relaxed and chic vintage style can be achieved easily and also look spectacular. How can you do it? With relaxed looks, comfortable clothes, neutral tones, some timeless basics, and a lot of minimalisms. The Effortless style is in fashion and is now a favorite of many.   Actually, what I like most about […]

Complement your look with a shirt tied at the waist

A woman’s shirt tied at the waist with plaid can be the perfect complement to put together an outfit quickly. In fact, this garment can add a lot of style to your outfit, whether it’s for going to college or for sharing with family and friends.   There are so many advantages that a shirt […]

Learn how to showcase your glamour with your favorite shorts!

There is no doubt that every woman always wants to look very glamorous, regardless of what clothes she’s wearing. That’s why today we’ll offer you the best tips to use shorts without falling into the ordinary and maintain the glamour. After all, depending on its combination, you can create a favorable or disastrous look.   […]

Perfect masculine looks for those over 50

Perfect masculine looks for those over 50. We cannot deny that as the world of fashion advances, so do people. And we cannot ignore that as we age our tastes change, this applies to all genders.   That’s why we have to be super consistent when it comes to dressing. In the end, we don’t […]

The best dresses to hide that belly you don’t want

The best dresses to hide that belly you don’t want. How many of us think that the abdomen is the most difficult area to hide? If, like me, you’re one of those who think this way, welcome! You’re in the perfect place. We can do a support group and talk about why our belly is […]

7 Looks to go to a very chic baptism

A baptism is a religious and semiformal occasion that takes place during the day, and if you were invited to one and you don’t know what to wear, don’t worry! Today I bring you 7 looks to go to a very chic baptism. The important thing is that whatever you wear, it must make you […]