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7 perfect outfits for chubby girls

7 perfect outfits for chubby girls. Red alert! Sensuality in sight. Yes, seeing ourselves as beautiful and sensual is part of our attitude and self-esteem, which we must always carry in style. However, it will also go very closely hand in hand with knowing what garments favor us.   While it’s true that there are […]

The best clothing for reverse triangle bodies

Are your shoulders wider than your hips? Then you have an inverted triangle-shaped body, or also known as a V-shaped body. If the answer is yes, you have come to the right place, because today together with Fashion Trends I am going to tell you how to dress.   It’s very important to know our […]

Tricks to combine your transparent blouses

Tricks to combine your transparent blouses. Transparencies: What can we say about them? In addition to generating controversy, this trend has triumphed since it hit the streets. In this sense, we could affirm that it has been a success in the world of fashion and that it has been crowned as one of the most […]

The best clothing for an oval body shape

Speaking of figures, the oval figure, also called the apple body, is characterized by having a prominent waist and a curvy upper body. In this sense, if your shoulders, waist, and hips are rounded, today we are going to talk about how to dress properly.   It’s a fact that this type of body has […]

Take advantage of that black skirt in your closet

Your wardrobe should be made up of useful clothes, so you can’t miss a black skirt. You could even have a short black skirt attached or in different models and textures to get the most out of it. This way, you will always be ready to put together a charming look in a matter of […]

How to combine your favorite sneakers with a long dress

How to combine your favorite sneakers with a long dress. Until recently, people only used sports shoes to go to the gym. But now, this element has become vital thanks to its comfort. In fact, you can now combine your dresses with sports shoes to put together a new look.   Sports shoes have become […]

5 ideas to combine pastel color in your clothes

5 ideas to combine pastel color in your clothes. Doesn’t it happen to you that when you wear pastel colors, you feel innocent and very pretty? They give you a romantic air impossible to shake off, they can also remind you of ice cream, love, or even summer.   Now, it may be that you […]

A Guide to wearing sports shoes and leggings

A Guide to wearing sports shoes and leggings. It’s incredible how every day we can see how the fashion world evolves, grows, transforms, and varies. What we thought could never happen, is now happening and to the regret of many grandmothers, mine would be included in this package, those rules from before no longer apply. […]

Men: this is how you should combine your stockings

Stockings, also called socks, are that garment that we know we should wear. However, many don’t know when to wear which one. Much less have an idea of ​​which one looks good with what type of shoe or how it is going to look very elegant. Without falling into the embarrassment of colored stockings.   […]

Why are Birkenstock sandals in fashion?

Considered the coolest footwear on the planet, Birkenstock sandals have conquered the hearts of many since they hit the market. They were born as orthopedic products, and it was both the boom and the love for them that they became a trend and an inexplicable fashionista boom.   This German footwear, particularly the Arizona model, […]