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How to dress masculine for the office without a suit?

It seems the opposite, but sometimes, many men consider how to dress for their job without a uniform or when there is no mood and the weather is suitable for wearing a suit. Because in reality, they don’t always want to wear one. Especially in hot climates.   Currently, a dress code is no longer […]

7 ways to wear culottes pants in style

7 ways to wear culottes pants in style. Freedom of movement is something that we’re currently looking for when it comes to dressing and that we intend to maintain. To tell the truth, once you get there, it’s very difficult to get out. In addition to comfort, we want to be very fashionable, and spectacular, […]

Learn how to create an amazing sporty look to feel comfortable

Learn how to create an amazing sporty look to feel comfortable. The belief that sportswear cannot be combined with casual wear has been left behind over time. All women want to look elegant when dressing now, and at the same time feel comfortable. That’s why you should know the best tips for sports looks for […]

Do you like leather leggings? Learn how to use them

The time has come when both men and women have become lovers of comfortable clothing. That’s why clothing such as leather leggings have caused a great sensation among the female sex. After all, leather leggings for women are very versatile and can be worn for various occasions as long as you know how to use […]

7 types of shoes that look great with your jeans

7 types of shoes that look great with your jeans. We love to dress well and look fabulous, right? Truth be told, we don’t need to walk in heels to do it. You also don’t need a head-to-toe suit. What you need is a lot of attitude and knowing how to combine the basics to […]

The best 5 tips to be a fashionable mom

The best 5 tips to be a fashionable mom. I’m sure that since the day your baby was born, you have not stopped sending photos to all your family and friends like the proud mother that you are. What’s more, your cell phone must be full of photographs of when they opened their eyes, when […]

What’s the semiformal style for men about?

What’s the semiformal style for men about?. Men’s fashion is a topic of conversation. We can find different styles that define, among other things, your personality and part of your essence. Today, I come to talk to you about a style that can be one of the most confusing for many when it comes to […]

This is how metallic colors will take over fall

The shine is something that from now on we cannot pass up. Perhaps you will think, even at day and night? The answer is yes, at any time, and everything is about metallic tones. Since 2020, metallic pants have become the main stars of the catwalks and several designers have opted for them.   Definitely, […]

7 trends that you should pay attention to in 2021

Even if we’re not done storing our summer swimsuits yet, we’re really looking forward to what will happen in this and next year’s fall. Because at Fashion Trends, we want to keep you informed and very current to this world, it varies from day to day.   Now, just out of the oven we bring […]