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Fashion and film: learn all about the work of a costume designer

The costume designer is the person in charge and responsible for designing the clothes that are going to be used in a production related to the show business. Be it television, theater, opera, or cinema, among others. And comes to be the complement along with the scenery of everything that art implies in a film. […]

Overalls: types and trends for 2022

The overalls, or jumpsuit, is a garment that covers the entire body. And whose preparation was designed for work tasks due to its resistance as it is made of denim fabric. It is a garment that has served both women and men. In fact, the so-called work overalls that are still used today in many […]

Learn all about styling in fashion

Surely on more than one occasion, you have seen an artist and loved how she is dressed, with her hair and makeup and the choice of perfect accessories that put together an exquisite look worthy of wanting to imitate or copy. That effect produced in us by seeing a celebrity and wanting the whole look […]

Hair clips: types, and trends for 2022

The hair clip or brooch for hair is an object that has a double function. To hold the hair at the same time that it serves as an adornment to it. Its use is not new. This accessory has been in force since the 70s, when Marnie Bjornson created the elongated hair clip. And the […]

How to choose a cocktail dress?

If you have been invited to a get-together where the dress code is cocktail type, we will explain how you should dress in this post.   Depending on the location and the reason for the social gathering, a cocktail-type event can be very formal. Or something more casual. However, as a woman, you will always […]

Cocktail dress code

No matter the occasion, women always want to know how to dress for a casual or formal plan. However, there is likely to be some confusion when choosing a cocktail dress.   In general, the events where you should go with a cocktail-style look are held at night. However, it is essential to distinguish between […]

Learn all about Personal Shoppers and what you need to become one

The term personal shopper is not used recently. Already in the decade of the 80s-90s, we heard about it.   In the world of fashion, there is room for everything and everyone. So, if you are interested in everything related to this medium, especially the art of shopping, then keep reading because this will interest […]