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Sorbet colors for this amazing 2021 summer

Sorbet colors for this amazing 2021 summer. After being locked up for more than a year and taking care of this pandemic that kept us doing the unthinkable to not go crazy, we have learned to enjoy the simplest pleasures, even the ones we never imagined enjoying. Many of us learned to cook, others to […]

Summer and Sunglasses: The perfect partners in crime of fashion

Our summer outfit wouldn’t be complete without the much-needed and acclaimed sunglasses. According to studies I found in Vanity Fair magazine, the search for this famous and spectacular accessory has increased by 104%, especially in vintage and fantasy models. The reason? The freedom it gives us and also the style, even with the masks on. […]

Stay fresh during summer with the best outfits

It’s summer! This means that we’re allowed to pack a suitcase and enjoy a few days of total disconnection in the city, beach, or mountains. For this, my first recommendation is to use sunscreen! Above all, this is the first thing we should pack. Right now, we’re in a beautiful time to follow trends and […]

Become a fashionista with the best cowboy boots for women!

Trendy alert! Cowboy boots for women are back. Standing applause, because we support this trend! These catwalk boots also starred in the famous Street Style of many fashion catwalks.   This new trend returns stronger than ever, and now we often see them on Fashion Week’s runways. Today, everyone is wearing them since they are […]

Here’s how to wear your favorite sarong to the beach!

Here’s how to wear your favorite sarong to the beach!. Sarongs are one of the most desired garments in summer. After all, they’re the perfect piece to travel and spend a few days at the beach. In turn, this garment has become very versatile. As a result, you can easily learn how to use them […]

How to create a quick military look

Military fashion has never gone out of style, and if you like this trend, you must first know how to create a good look. In fact, many forms of fashion tend to add military fashion to their collections regardless of the season. This is because a military outfit can add a very sophisticated look.   […]

Why is fashion upcycling important?

Why is fashion upcycling important?. At some point, we have all wanted to do something to contribute to the planet, contribute our little grain of sand and in this way generate an important change. For many years they have been telling us that the ozone layer is thinning, that logging is going to leave us […]

Are leggings still in trend in 2021?

Do you remember being out there in the 2000s and walking down the street in your best colorful leggings? I remember it and it makes me nostalgic! The good news is that it only took a little over ten years for this trend to be on the agenda again, that is, this 2021 is the […]

Find the perfect summer dress to shine like the sun!

Dresses are the perfect option for a hot summer. After all, they’re versatile, elegant, and super easy to combine. They’re also perfect for mood switch from day to nigh just by adding accessories. On the other hand, you can also go from an informal look to a formal one. However, did you know that the […]

Fashionable men! These are the best shoes for you!

Men also have the right to be fashionable! It’s normal that they also want to be aware of what is happening, and a good way to do it is through footwear. The good news is that there are more and more types and novelties. But if you don’t know what to buy, don’t worry, we […]