Open your world to the athleisure trend!

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Open your world to the athleisure trend! I am sure that even without knowing it, you have been part of this Athleisure trend because you have worn sportswear to go shopping, to stay at home, travel, or simply to see your friends. In reality, it is a revolution that comes to be used anywhere and has impressively conquered the industry.


Want to know more?


They are garments made up of yoga pants, joggers, tennis, leggings, and sports shorts, among others. They are characterized by making it seem that you are leaving the gym when in reality, you are only wearing what makes you feel best. Yes, like at home.


We are currently looking for comfort, freedom, and simplicity when it comes to finding perfect outfits. And it’s just that what this trend offers us with any of its garments, thus taking the sporty style to the street.


So, you may wonder, what does Athleisure mean? Keep reading to find it out.


What does Athleisure mean?


Fashion Trends and Style - athleisure - trends

Its term is derived from English: “athletic” and “leisure.” It is a new revolution that invites us to combine sports pieces with sophisticated ones to transform those “sporty” looks into something more powerful. And still, feel safe.


It’s a very modern fashion trend in the new era (yes, Gen Z and their TikTok videos have much to do with it here). It’s a combination of fashion and comfort garments, as well as the yoga pants that I mentioned in the previous paragraph. We can also find closed low shoes, sweatshirts, pants made of fine and fresh fabric, hooded sweaters, hats, and any type of garment that is comfortable for the day and looks like a gym.


This movement is deeply rooted in increasing female self-esteem and confidence, allowing us to feel comfortable and happy without worrying about whether we are going according to any occasion. It is as if a weight is lifted from us.


Get out the glasses and the champagne. This has to be celebrated!


What is Athleisure fashion?


Fashion Trends and Style - athleisure - trends

First, I would like to clarify that it’s a movement that arose more than a hundred years ago. However, in 2019-2020, this new trend gained strength because it became the best option to be at home comfortably.


It is well known that due to the pandemic, everything changed. In fact, even a large percentage of the population stayed working remotely. Because of this, they began to wear this type of clothing to help them work with style and simplicity.


The truth is that once we find what makes us feel safe and happy with ourselves, it is challenging to get out of there. It is necessary to clarify that it also arises from street fashion and how many people who live in the city end up carrying what they have in the closet.


How to wear Athleisure?


Fashion Trends and Style - athleisure - trends

Indeed, with those casual garments you usually wear to the gym, you can wear leather jackets, jeans, coats, dress pants, or even more formal garments such as blazers and heels. Who said fear?


Now, there are elements that when incorporating them, will make you look like a pro of this style, as is the case with sneakers. It doesn’t matter the size or shape, what’s important is to feel comfortable wearing them. However, I recommend wearing them in colors as it is a plus that elevates your clothing.


Another success of this style is leggings since they are comfortable and create a modern silhouette. If you like being daring, take a chance with colors or patterns. You can wear them in a dress, shorts or skirt.


A different garment that you can use in this trend is a tank top. It is comfortable, and you can show a little skin (which is very fashionable now). Combine it with jeans or cargo pants to stand out even more!


What is the difference between athleisure and streetwear?


Fashion Trends and Style - athleisure - trends

It exists because we label and associate sportswear with gym clothing or clothing for any sports activity.


However, it would be best if you got out of the generalization a bit to get into the specific and call things by their name.


Athleisure comes from that increase in more spiritual physical activities, such as yoga, which invited us to lead a life of well-being and healthy even outside of exercise.


For its part, streetwear transforms similar products into fashionista statements.


Is athleisure a fad?


To tell the truth, I don’t think so. This style combines functionality and minimalism. Also, this trend supports transitional movements with leggings and yoga pants that you could wear. As I have told you, it is a revolution that came to evolve, and therefore that leaves it far from going out of style.


What is the best material for Athleisure?


In short, polyester. It is a material that lasts over time, and it is also light and breathable. It is also common in sportswear such as running jackets, pants, and sports shirts. By the way, it dries really fast, which makes it ideal for intense workouts.


Is the Athleisure style the trend of the future?


Fashion Trends and Style - athleisure - trends

Many platforms declare it an innovative creation and will continue as a long-term brand.


And that’s what will drive it to follow that momentum.


Hence, luxury department stores launched exclusive commercial spaces.


Undoubtedly, this trend can be a movement with a high positive impact on the industry. I hope that very soon, they will be able to expand breaking with the dress code schemes that can be as annoying as they are tedious, to result in comfort, variety, and innovation.


How do you wear athleisure fashion?


While it is true that we cannot just give up our style just like that, I want to give you some other combinations so you can turn performance clothing into everyday wear with this great move.


Find your balance


The first thing you have to take into account is that you have to mix functionality with fashion. What do I mean by this? You can and should integrate fashion pieces such as jeans, jackets, or heels with sports to create balance.


Know when to use it, and when not to use it


Next, you should take into account dressing for the occasion. Know when it is appropriate to use it and when it is not. Actually, thinking of a wedding, we can’t wear leggings, right? However, it is perfect to go to lunch with friends or have a drink in the evening. Keep in mind that the more casual the occasion, the more functional you can dress.


Add the best accessories


Fashion Trends and Style - athleisure - trends

Last but not least, you have to learn to complement. Either with the right accessories or the ideal shoes. In addition to your style.


My advice is to be creative and follow the trends. Don’t be afraid to mix materials with athleisure. Remember that your signature style and appearance are yours, and we are only going to reinterpret them.


At Fashion Trends, we are happy to show you what is new, different, and unique. So, we want to know your opinion on this article. What do you think about athleisure? Would you use it? Let us know your opinion! We can’t wait to see you in a future article.