Are women’s vests in fashion 2021?

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I must confess that deep in my heart, I feel that vests are underrated. They are very versatile and comfortable garments. They are also perfect for cooler climates.


Although we know that fashion changes over time, we can see trends moving—however, some return or stay, such as the vest. And you, what do you think, is the vest still in fashion?


In short, the classic is adapted to give your outfits a pinch of elegance and style. For this reason, the vest has become a basic item offering many possibilities. In fact, many firms have included them in their collections.


Are vests in fashion?


The answer is: they have never gone out of style. Vests have been here since the 70s and have evolved to be part of our daily style. This is why we can always find them on the catwalks and during fashion weeks.


It is a fairly iconic garment that hopefully will stay in the future. They have the particularity of being adaptable to your style and figure.


How are vests used in 2021?


Fashion Trends adn style - vests - clothing

Don’t doubt that autumn and winter 2021 will arrive loaded with fluidity, comfort, and many styles. Along with vests, we will also find mom jeans, which for some seasons are being installed as part of what “every woman should have.”


Now, if we combine it with a vest, you will achieve an impressive outfit. Both garments will make you look comfortable, versatile, and timeless. A perfect match for a classic and timeless outfit, which, combined with several layers, you will be screaming: I am in trend! Without actually screaming it.


How are women’s vests used?


 I’ve come here to show you the best ways to wear the Women’s Knit Vest. However, you should know that we will find styles from large-size wool fabrics to embellished prints. And I will explain how to use them.


Do you want to know more? Keep reading.


Knitted vest


Fashion Trends adn style - vests - clothing

This vest is a sweater type and can be styled in many ways. It all depends on your style.


With this garment, you can combine a blouse or shirt, and if it’s a plain knitted type, you can combine it in different shades or use them in monochromatic tones.


XXL and wide shirts can also be a good option.


However, when the temperature drops, opt for a high-necked shirt because, in addition to providing you with the warmth you need, you will look very trendy.


And at the bottom? Calm down; I’m going there. For the lower part, you can play with baggy jeans or wide boots to look from the seventies. Don’t you like those? Don’t worry, straight jeans, culottes, and tailored pants also fit the bill.


Pied de poule vest (houndstooth). 


Fashion Trends adn style - vests - clothing

Some are looking for quite risky styles, and if that is your case, I highly recommend this black and white houndstooth vest.


By wearing this pattern, which has never gone out of style, you will always look formal and practical.


This piece is a trend for the ease of combining it with anything.


Wear it with dark jeans, light shoes, and thick clothing.


Tailor’s waistcoat.


Fashion Trends adn style - vests - clothing

One of my favorites, the tailor’s vest, also called “tailor,” is a classic with the particularity of elevating your outfit. With this garment, you can add formality and style. You will look very chic.


How do you combine them? You can play with mom jeans, shirts, or basic tees. Do you want more freedom? Don’t wear anything down. With this vest, you will be beautiful wherever you wear it. It is a perfect option for the office or casual walks.


Do you know what looks great with this type of vest? A hat. You will feel like a whole cowgirl. Love it!


Vests with a wide cut.


Fashion Trends adn style - vests - clothing

This model is a bit shorter. It has two openings at the waist and usually a chest pocket. They are gorgeous in earthy colors like gray, yellow, green, and purple.


Pair it with mom jeans or baggy pants, although your favorite jeans are a good option. In addition to this cut, we can find a very similar one: long and with edges.


This option is very suitable for shirts, sweaters or dresses. Its V-cut allows you to highlight the area of your neck and arms. Do you like pockets? Look for them and feel extra comfortable wherever you go.


How are long vests used?


Fashion Trends adn style - vests - clothing

If you are looking for a more modern outfit to achieve more casual and informal styles, these items are among the most versatile and can go very well with everything you have. For the fall, they come in handy.


Play with styles, shapes, cuts … even the masculine tuxedo or suit type. Now, if you prefer something more resistant outdoors, I recommend sheepskin or wool.


If, on the other hand, you are looking for something chicer, a long, faux fur vest is the right option.


They all look outstanding in jeans and T-shirts, especially for an informal job. The good thing about vests is that since we are in times when capes are in fashion, you can play with them, and they will be the star of your outfit.


Dare with fabrics, shirts, blouses, or sweaters. Heaven is your inspiration. Want to try dresses? In my opinion, they are very elegant.


Are vests back in style for 2021?


Fashion Trends adn style - vests - clothing

After everything you’ve read so far, I’ll leave it to you to answer this question for yourself. However, I’ll only help you with one hint: timeless. And it is thanks to this timelessness that we can conclude that yes, indeed they continue and will remain to be an important part of our wardrobe.


Closed, open, long, midi, or short, vests are a garment that provides versatility to our outfits, elevates our style, and can give us a touch, a very good touch, actually, of formality.


At Fashion Trends, we want to bring you more about the wonderful world of fashion, in addition to showing you those latest trends that many of us are desperate to know. Meanwhile, tell us your opinion. What do you think of the vests? Would you wear them? What are your favorites?