How to apply evening makeup step-by-step

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How to apply evening makeup step-by-step. Makeup is something that most women have been applying for years immemorial. There are many types and variants for every occasion. Whether it is simple makeup or a little more elaborate. This type of art gives you the space to be as creative as possible.


But this time, we come to tell you about evening makeup. Do you have any special occasions during the night? Don’t know what makeup options you have? Don’t worry, at Fashion Trends, we are here to help you. Continue reading and learn how to apply night makeup and its types.


What is evening makeup?


Fashion Trends and Style - How to apply evening makeup step-by-step

Evening makeup is usually quite intense and sophisticated. It has dark colors and is distinguished by the use of eyeshadow to highlight the look and make it look elegant. In addition, you can customize it according to what you like most and adapt it to your face.


If you have no idea how to do evening makeup, don’t panic. Since there are many online tutorials, you can even search for ideas on Pinterest. Additionally, here we will give you some tips so you can do it the best possible way.


However, remember that it may not turn out right the first time. Remember that practice makes perfect.


Here we leave you some tips so you can do the best night makeup:


Choose the right foundation


The tone of your foundation is super important. You don’t want to use the wrong tone. It is the first step in applying makeup, so you should make sure it is precisely your skin tone.


In turn, it must adapt to your skin type. If you like that luminosity on your face, there are matte foundations for oily skin or a little brighter. However, you can choose not to wear it. But, it is essential if you want a more complete evening makeup that highlights all your features and hides imperfections.


In any case, we recommend that you select a foundation with a more radiant or satin finish for an evening event.


Define your features


Fashion Trends and Style - How to apply evening makeup step-by-step

After applying the foundation, you can define your features using contour. You can apply it in the areas you want to highlight. For example, the cheekbones or if you’re going to contour your nose. It can also help you create a more defined look, as it can sculpt your face.


On the other hand, blush or rouge gives a touch of color and life to your face.


Finally, we also advise you to apply highlighter, as it gives luminosity to the face. It will also be very useful if you want a radiant look.


Highlight your eyes


Fashion Trends and Style - How to apply evening makeup step-by-step

As we mentioned before, the main point of evening makeup is to highlight the eyes quite a bit. Therefore, they are the center of each look with this type of makeup.


We recommend applying a striking eye shadow. They can be dark colors but add factors that attract the eyes of others more. Depending on your technique, you can even make your eyes look bigger. Eyeliner also helps create a more dramatic look.


Don’t forget your lips


Lips are also a very important part that complements your look. That is why we give you some tips that you can use to perfect them:


Depending on the look, you can opt for a bright or lighter lipstick color. If you want your eye makeup to take center stage, tone down everything else. For example, consider wearing a more subtle lipstick to avoid taking center stage from your eyes.


At the same time, you can also use lip gloss if you want a more glamorous result.


Evening makeup styles


Fashion Trends and Style - How to apply evening makeup step-by-step

There are many evening makeup styles. However, these are the most popular:


  • Smokey eyes: classic for evening makeup. You can create it using shadows of dark shades such as brown or black. Consider using brown as a transition tone to blend the black well. The secret is to blend well.
  • Natural look: if you want lighter makeup, we recommend this type of evening makeup. You only have to apply a touch as a base and some blush. Maybe highlighter and lip gloss, but nothing too fancy. It’s the typical no-makeup makeup.
  • Glamorous look: ideal for special occasions like weddings or engagement parties. Even gala nights. Consider using products that are highly pigmented and eye-catching. You will steal all looks.


As we mentioned, this type of makeup requires a lot of practice. So don’t be discouraged if it doesn’t work out the first time.


Tips and tricks


Fashion Trends and Style - How to apply evening makeup step-by-step

One thing we can tell you is that one of the greatest characteristics of evening makeup is glitter. So don’t limit yourself when using it, it creates a super glamorous look. Use glitter or glitter eyeshadow to make your look even more striking.


To do this, you can use it as an additional shadow after doing the smokey eyes. You just have to add it as a final step above the eyelid, in the almond area. We promise it will make you look much more elegant.


Secondly, get quality products. This way, you can ensure that your makeup looks its best. So, it is super important that what you are going to use has enough pigment. Especially the eye shadows.


We also recommend using soft lipsticks, in neutral colors like nude.


Finally, another trick we can give you is not to stick with black or brown colors. There are no rules here, but you should consider using dark and intense colors. You could use a burgundy or dark red.


What do you think? Surely with these tips you will be able to do the evening makeup of your dreams. We hope we have helped you with this guide.


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