Advantages of long sleeve shirts

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Advantages of long sleeve shirts. For you who want to be fashionable during 2022, women’s long-sleeved t-shirts should become your allies. This garment is usually one of the favorites since it creates a basic look while still being versatile and super comfortable. That is why they can´t be missing in your wardrobe, and you must learn to make many combinations with them.


Many will think that a basic look is dull, but it is not. Since long-sleeved shirts can help you put together a quick and flattering outfit on many occasions. So, in this post, we will tell you everything related to this garment and how to use it to avoid failing in the attempt.


What is a long sleeve shirt?


Fashion Trends and Style - Advantages of long sleeve shirts - shirts

Unlike other clothing, long-sleeved shirts are not so risky, but they can get you out of trouble at any time. The advantage is that this is a basic that allows us to make many mixtures according to our personality. And we can wear it at any time of the year, especially when it´s cold to cover up a little.


Both men and women can wear this piece of clothing that evokes the era of the 90s. That´s why it has been classified as a highly favored garment. Because it can be found in a wide variety of colors and fabrics.


Also, for those women who don´t feel comfortable with some parts of their body, such as the chest or torso, these women’s shirts are very convenient. On top of that, to make a quick look with them, you just have to wear them with shorts of your choice and white tennis shoes. In this way, you will be prepared to go shopping, for a plan with friends or a family weekend.


When to wear a long sleeve shirt?


This is the most anticipated point of this post. Because we will explain how to use long-sleeved shirts for women to look fabulous. To begin with, the reality is that there are not many mistakes you can make when wearing a basic garment like this. However, you must consider the size. Besides the colors according to your skin tone and the designs that go according to your style and personality. Remember that we must feel good and sure of ourselves when dressing.


Now, let’s see how you can complement your look with a long-sleeved shirt:


Midi Dresses with Straps


Fashion Trends and Style - Advantages of long sleeve shirts - shirts

We know a long-sleeved shirt with jeans could be the perfect look, but trying new ideas will renew your look.


A trend that has been seen for some time now is to wear long-sleeved shirts under midi dresses with straps.


The advantage is that these dresses come in different colors and patterns, although checkered ones look great with plain shirts.


Oversize style


Fashion Trends and Style - Advantages of long sleeve shirts - shirts

The oversize trend has never gone out of style and is the best option for a relaxed look for trends.


The secret is to wear an extra-long long-sleeved shirt that looks proportionate, with shoulders and sleeves at the same height without showing that you have done it on purpose.


To look sophisticated, you should choose a dark-colored shirt to look like this.


And accompany it with chinos and casual sneakers.


Pencil Skirts


Fashion Trends and Style - Advantages of long sleeve shirts - shirts

This is a trendy alternative that women who love skirts can wear.


The pencil-cut ones are very striking.


And just like the pleated skirts, they will look amazing with a long-sleeved shirt with prints.


This type of look is very successful, and that is why it has been seen on celebrities like Jennifer Lopez.


Jacket or overshirt


Fashion Trends and Style - Advantages of long sleeve shirts - shirts

This is another look that never goes out of style.


For a women’s long-sleeved shirt outfit, you can wear jeans and a jacket or overshirt with different patterns.


The advantage of the overshirt is that you can roll up the sleeves to reveal the shirt’s sleeves underneath.


Chino pants


Fashion Trends and Style - Advantages of long sleeve shirts - shirts

Chino pants are no longer exclusive to men, as women can also use this garment to travel or to complement a comfortable look.


Dark chinos with a long-sleeved shirt in pale tones look very elegant.


You can also bring a jacket with you to put on if it gets cold.



Take advantage of long-sleeved shirts


You can create many types of looks from women’s long sleeve t-shirts. So, this basic garment cannot be missing from your wardrobe if you like to dress versatile. Just look for the models you like the most to combine them with dresses, pants, skirts, and much more.