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Even though you can find a great variety of products in the fashion industry, some luxury purse brands never go out of style. These brands never stop creating new designs. So, they allow you to always find something that’s right for you. They’re always expanding their collections with newer and better ideas. Because of this, they make it easy for clients like you to find the perfect match.


Luxury handbags stand out because of their designs. But, they’re also great due to their quality. Besides, it means they’re also a good investment. So, when you get a luxury purse, you can rest assured that we’ll give you a product that’s both fashionable and durable.


There are 25 brands that you need to know if you love luxury purses


The next time you’re looking for a luxury purse, you’ll know about the brands you can trust:


  • Céline


This brand’s purpose has always been the same. It’s to make simple and fancy luxury handbags that you can use whenever you want. Also, everyone will notice your good taste and fashion sense if you buy Céline because they’re a well-known brand.


  • Louis Vuitton


This is the most prestigious luxury brand out there. It offers a great deal of variety for both men and women. This brand has its origins in France, in the 1800s. Since then, it has made a lot of exclusive briefcase designs. Now, it has a lot more to offer, including many luxury purse designs for all its clients.


  • Prada


When it comes to both men and women, Prada has an amazing variety of luxury handbags. Besides, this Italian brand is so versatile that you can also find shoes, clothing, perfumes, and a lot more. However, it has gained much of its fame thanks to its innovative purses made of the best materials out there.


  • Hermes


This is a French fashion house, and it offers many products, including luxury purses. Even if they’re not as well-known as the others on this list, they have a loyal customer base. They’ve been around for many years. People love their different collections. This brand’s luxury purses are definitely worth their price.


  • Chanel


Coco Chanel needs no introduction. They’re established as one of the most recognized designers in history. In fact, high fashion is often related to Chanel. Besides, their logo stands out easily, and they have a great number of purse designs. You’ll have no problem finding something you love from them. Also, the materials they use are top-notch. You’ll look fancy at any time of day.


  • Dior


They’ve been making their customers happy since 1946 with their clothing and luxury accessories catalogs. Besides, to meet the needs of every fashion lover out there, they’ve made many collections of luxury handbags. So, you’ll look sophisticated and ready for any event.


  • Michael Kors


This American brand has offered great, high-quality products right from the start. From clothing to other luxury accessories, you can find it all. Besides, if you like to go along with the latest fashion trends, then you know what it’s like. They’re just great. The best of all is, they don’t use animal skin in their collections. 


  • Balenciaga


Cristóbal Balenciaga is one of the biggest high fashion designers. This brand is right up there with Chanel and Dior. Also, they offer avant-garde collections that don’t go out of fashion. They use different types of furs for their collections that will probably match your style.


  • Burberry


This is a British brand. It has its origins in 1856. Since then, it has done a great job of presenting its fashion ideas through exclusive luxury purse designs. At Burberry, you can find anything from the simplest to the fanciest. Because of this, you’re sure to find something that’s just right to add to your look.


  • Gucci


Everyone knows Gucci. You can set it apart from the rest of the competition because of its high-quality and durability. Also, it’s one of the most cherished brands for fashion lovers. If you like to keep up to date with fashion, then Gucci has a lot to offer. Besides, they have a great deal of variety in their materials.


  • Coach


This New York brand is a great choice. You can find purses and handbags that adapt to your needs easily. If you like basic but elegant garments, then Coach is right for you. Besides, they tend to have a lot of pockets inside their purses for better organization. Also, it’s very common to see it in its home city.


  • Miu Miu


If you love purses and handbags made out of fur, then this brand is for you. Besides, people have always considered this brand to be high quality. The price depends on the size and model that you choose. 


  • Givenchy


Givenchy is known for being one of the best-selling purse brands ever. In fact, even kids have the opportunity to look amazing with this brand’s products. Their collections are often very classic in style. However, you can also find more modern products with colorful designs that will make you look trendy.


  • Valentino


This brand sets a standard for fashion. There’s nothing better than Valentino as a reference for what’s luxurious. People with fine taste love their Valentino products because they use many real materials like fur and leather. In fact, the products are hand-made. Because of this, they’re very resistant and durable.


  • Chloe


If you like practical products that are also versatile, then you’ll love luxury Chloe purses. This fashion house has released many collections. However, they maintain their good taste. They make comfortable designs. Also, you can find them in a range of prices.


  • Fendi


Now, Fendi stands out. This Roman brand makes all its products using only local animal skin. Every model is made in Italy. Then, they’re exported all around the world so that fashion lovers can choose their favorite designs.


  • Saint Laurent


Since the year 1922, Saint Laurent has managed to satisfy their customers. Besides, they offer collections that have unique complements for different looks. Purses are a part of their range of products. Also, they offer exclusive models that are a great choice when it comes to looking fancy.


  • Mansur Gavriel


This brand is special because of the way they make beautiful products in the fashion industry. Their work is elaborate. Because of this, they’re a perfect choice for people who love to stick to today’s standards of elegance. So, with this brand, you can find many designs with avant-garde colors. You’ll look like a fashion expert.


  • Alexander Wang


Alexander Wang is an American designer. Its main appeal is that it uses both timeless and contemporary designs. Because of this, its designs are amazing. One of this brand’s advantages is that you can find designs and colors that match both casual and formal looks. They’re great for any situation.


  • Bottega Veneta


This brand has been around in the fashion industry since 1966. Since then, they’ve offered a collection of classic luxury handbags. These come in all shapes and sizes. They go along great for casual or formal events. Besides, they always make you look elegant.


  • Tom Ford


Every season, this brand makes sure to go in tune with the latest trends. So, their customers are always up to date with fashion. Tom Ford’s luxury purses are colorful and attractive.  Because of this, they don’t go by unnoticed. Pricing depends on the size and design. However, you can rest assured that they’re a good investment.


  • Loewe


If you love glamour, then you know Loewe. This brand can make you look glamorous anywhere. Also, they have a great variety of luxury handbags to match every taste and style. So, when you set eyes on this brand’s products, you’re sure to love them. 


  • Strathberry


This is one of the newest brands around. They released their first collection in 2013.  However, that doesn’t take away from their quality. All of their purses are handmade in Spain. Also, they make sure to use high-quality leather for every single one of their products. That’s their standard.


  • Salvatore Ferragamo


First, this brand only made luxury shoes. Then, they decided to add other garments to their repertoire. So, they started making accessories and clothes, including some amazing handbags. Their designs use geometry. Also, they use different types of furs when making their products. 


  • Dolce & Gabbana


There’s no doubt that you’ve heard of them. This Italian brand’s fame comes from all their clothes and accessories. Usually, their luxury bags are very colorful and have appealing traits. They’re not as expensive as other brands, but they are just as stylish.


What’s your favorite luxury purse brand?


These 25 brands are the best choice when it comes to being elegant and versatile in your looks. They’re the perfect addition to your style. You’re sure to find many designs and colors that you’ll love. So, your wardrobe will definitely improve. Your purse says a lot about you. Because of this, choosing luxury products can only do good.


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Fashion Trends -Jackets

Jackets are trendy, functional, and multi-purpose. However, it’s not likely for you to have a jacket in your closet that you can wear to various places. Besides, there are plenty of different kinds of jackets. That means you will have to opt for a version that matches well with your choice of clothing. 


If you are confused about what sort of men’s jackets will be best for you, we have your back. Read this article to know more about the different types of jackets that men can wear.


Flight Jackets


The flight jacket barely needs any introduction. If you were a Tom Cruise fan back in the day or a military fanatic, there is a high chance you love this jacket. Largely related to the military, especially the air forces, it is a stylish jacket. Furthermore, it is excellent for keeping warm.


Though it isn’t new by any means that does not mean it is any less charming now. It is still a good and desirable item to have in your closet. Although you can’t typically wear this to work, you can still rock it at a party. Or even at a casual hangout at a café. 


Denim Jackets


Denim jackets are an evergreen trend for men and women. They are timeless and look extremely cool. Thus, if you still don’t own one, now is the best time to start looking. Denim men’s jackets are very fashionable. They are also popular because of their durability. As well as their ability to work with different outfits. 


What’s more, is you can wear them in all seasons since the material is light and airy. Moreover, for winter you can get thicker denim jackets. In summer, you can wear them over a simple t-shirt and pants or even jeans. Besides, in winter you can wear them over turtlenecks, sweaters and even hoodies.


Track Jackets


We can not deny the fact that athleisure is one of the top leading trends these days. As a result,tracksuits are a hot trend around the world. Though the initial purpose of their design is for sports activities, people wear them around all the time. 


Actor Jared Leto, singer/songwriter Pharrell Williams, and GOT7’s rapper/sub-vocalist Jackson Wang are some stars who love this trend. You can follow their footsteps and wear the full tracksuit set or just the jacket over a simple shirt and a pair of jeans.


Fleece Jackets


Fleece jackets look cute and are super warm. If you want to go for a softer look this is the perfect choice for you. You can wear them to picnics or for short hikes. Maybe a date to the park in winter too. However, they are also massively versatile. As they are available in a high heat layer or in a breathable mid-layer too. These are soft to touch and have zippers on them. Hence, if you feel too hot you can simply open the zipper for a little air.


Teddy Jackets


Traditionally teddy jackets come from the feathers of geese and ducks. And yes, the entire world still loves them. If you think these are too feminine then you really need a wake-up call. Nowadays, many men wear teddy jackets proudly. They are men’s jackets as well, for sure and nobody can question that.


Additionally, these coats even come with super cute hoods sometimes. This means you can feel cozy from your head to your torso. Since they also come in different lengths you can even get teddy coats. Wear these cozy jackets to school, work, or even to a party if you want.


Tips for Buying Jackets


Buying a jacket can be hard. Thus, here are some tips you should remember when buying one;


  • Examine your closet before buying a jacket
  • Make sure that the jacket fits the style you want
  • Buy a jacket that actually keeps you warm 
  • Try to stay up-to-date with current trends
  • You can wear leather, denim, and flight jackets to semi-formal workplaces 
  • Make sure the quality is good
  • If the product is good then it’s worth the high price
  • Get it custom-made if you can




Jacket is a term that encompasses many varieties of clothes. You can go for harder materials or softer ones. It all depends on your need, its function, and the trend. If you need men’s jackets that look good and are functional then you need to sharpen your shopping skills and your fashion sense. 


However, if you still find yourself confused. Then just buy one of the jackets that we listed above. That should do the trick for you in most cases. All you have to do is sit still and look handsome. As well as choose a good outfit to go with the jacket too, of course.


Photo by: Nathaniel Goldberg


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That makes him a good analyst too.


When he’s not writing, he likes reading, gaming and sometimes playing cricket.


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Fashion Trends - Pearls are considered a luxury accessory - title

Pearls are considered a luxury accessory, and you can wear them at any time of day. If you’re one of those people that love to add luxury accessories to their outfits, pearls are perfect for you. It doesn’t matter at what time you wear them. Pearls are considered a symbol of beauty. You can find them in accessories that never go out of fashion. Besides, they look great. In fact, you can wear them both formally and casually.


You can find many types of pearls in luxury stores. So, you’re sure to find something that matches your taste and needs. Besides, you can even find them in different colors. That means pearls can adapt to different scenarios and looks. Because of this, pearls are always a perfect addition to any sort of outfit.


Pink, peach, black and classic white are only some colors pearls can take. You have a lot to choose from. If you’re having a casual meeting, you can sport an accessory that’s made up entirely of pearls. However, if you’re looking for an outfit meant to go out at night, there are also designs that couple pearls with other gemstones. That gives it a special and more sophisticated edge.


The way pearls are formed makes them charming


You likely feel at least a bit curious about how those pearls you love to wear came to be. After all, they’re always there for you when you need to improve your look. So, oysters, when they’re still small, have no protection at all. Because of this, they just float in the water until their shell begins to form. Then, they sink to the bottom of the sea and stick to rocks.


Once they’re set on the rocks, they start to open up a bit. Now, very tiny organisms start coming into the oyster. These serve as food or plankton. Also, along with these microorganisms, there are grains of sand or tiny animals. So, as a defense mechanism, oysters produce a substance known as nacre. As this envelops the foreign object, nacre slowly becomes a pearl. However, this process is very slow. It can take up to six years for a pearl to be completely formed.


Interesting, isn’t it?


Because of this, real pearls are alike with almost-perfect precision. Imitation pearls don’t really compare. Real pearls will always have their unique form and shine.


How can you wear pearls to improve your looks?


It’s common that, when buying pearls, not all of them will be exactly the same size. Maybe they won’t even be perfect. However, pearls are always elegant. You can find them in many types of garments:




If you want to add beauty and elegance to your hands, there’s nothing that beats a nice pearl bracelet to match your outfit. In fact, these have the ability to give your arms more grace. Besides, you can wear them just fine with an evening dress or other elegant outfits.


Also, you can use pearls with more casual looks too. They go great with everyday looks because you can find bracelets in all shapes and sizes. 




You can use pearl necklaces at any time or situation. They’re really versatile and easy to use. So, if you’re going to a formal event, you should go for only one pearl accessory. That way, it’s the protagonist of your look. Now, if you’re going for a more casual outfit, you can also combine your pearl necklace with something else. For instance, you can also use another necklace with different materials. That way, pearls take a less serious appearance and you’ll look just as good.




If you have never used pearls, and are looking for a way to add them to your repertoire, you can start by getting earrings. There are many earring designs out there. Also, there are a lot of materials that go along with them to create new styles. Because of this, you can easily find a piece that adapts to your needs.


Usually, you see mostly white pearls in luxury stores. When you think of pearls, you probably imagine them in clear white color. However, there are other colors that you can buy. These other options can go along perfectly with your look, and even match your other garments.


To get even more out of your pearls, you can tie your hair in a ponytail or braid it. That makes your earrings stand out even more. Small earrings go with more casual meetings. On the other hand, long earrings are a perfect way to look classy at formal events.


Hair brooches and accessories


Until recently, people only wore pearls in their necklaces or earrings. Now, fashion goes one step further. That means you can find pearls in more and more presentations. For example, hair brooches and other elements that you can wear to go to work or social events.


Besides, even in those days when you don’t feel up for an elaborate hairdo, these become great allies. They can give your hair elegance without much work. Pearls are considered a luxury accessory. Also, you can wear brooches of different sizes to go along with either your improvised or stylized hairdos.


You can even wear clothes and shoes with pearls


Fashion trends get more and more demanding every day. Because of this, the shoe industry has come to add pearls to their products. So, the biggest designers in the world today are making stilettos, flats, and even sneakers with pearls on them


Any type of shoe can look elegant by having some pearls on it. They help create contrast with the rest of your look.


Besides, if this sounds good to you, then you must know that you can also wear gemstones and pearls on your clothes. Certain elements come loaded with pearls, while other more conservative designs only include them in a more discrete way. You can opt for whatever you like best.


You should pick clothes in neutral colors so that, when you add pearls to your look, they stand out more. Besides, that way there’s no saturation of color. Pearls are considered a luxury accessory. Pearls work better that way. They also go along great with other simple accessories, to compliment your look.


Do you want to use pearls with all your looks?


As you can see, there’s no need to wear a formal outfit to use pearls. They can look great with casual clothes or even the more comfortable things you wear during the day. Also, with more serious looks for evenings and events. Pearls can be a great addition to your wardrobe. They can be what makes you different from the rest. You’ll look fancy and classy. They can be an addition to an elaborate look, or make a simpler outfit look perfect.


Photo by: Roma Designer Jewelry


Fashion Trends - summer colors

The colors that will shape the summer of 2021. Just as there are colors that never go out of style, there are others that are just with us for a season. That’s why you must pay attention to the newest color trends for 2021. This way you will always be at the forefront.


What colors will come to life in 2021? The time has come for you to have your wardrobe ready for summer. This summer’s colors reflect a lot of creativity which means many new and exciting combinations. Take a look at them and let your creativity run free to create the best looks.


Colors that you should include in your wardrobe for summer 2021


If you like bright colors, then you will really enjoy summer 2021 when wearing your clothes. For this reason, the time has come to discover what colors you should use to look unique and go according to the season:




Yellow will be the main color during the summer of 2021 as it’s a warm and at the same time very striking tone. Although this color isn’t so easy to combine, it’s one of the favorites for fashionistas because it radiates a lot of energy.


If you’re going to use this color, preferably choose a single piece of this tone to combine it with the rest of your outfit. Yellow looks great with dark blue, purple, gray, and earth tones.


Bright blue


This color cannot be left out of your closet for summer 2021, either. Apart from being very striking, the color blue combines with most colors and brings a fresh and joyful style.


This cool color looks great when combined with red, so you can try a look in both colors to look elegant. If you like the color blue, take advantage of the summer to wear dresses, skirts, and shorts in this tonality.




The color pink has always been known for its versatility since it can be combined with the rest of the color palette without issues. This color is so special, that you can use it in both summer and winter, and it will always make you look good. Depending on your intention, you can use this color to create a retro or more modern look.


This shade is perfect for both brown or white skin, so most can dare to wear a pink garment, and it will look perfect.




Who doesn’t like the color coral? This color is highly sought after in clothing stores and is widely worn during the summer. Summer is the season when the sun reaches its greatest intensity, so it’s the perfect season to wear this hue. Besides, if you have tan skin, this is your color.


While it’s true that coral isn’t easy to combine, you can try it with white, beige, orange, or brown colors. This way, you will succeed with a look that will steal glances.




If you’re afraid of wearing an outfit combined with the same color, violet is perfect for this type of look. Like pink, this color is also widely used and comes in different shades for you to choose the one you prefer. So, If you want to dress only in purple, you can do it. However, if you want to combine it with other colors, white, yellow and orange will be a good choice.


Green and blue aren’t good friends with purple when it comes to putting together a look, however, you can try different shades of these colors to get the right outfit.


Mint green 


Among the most sought-after colors for the 2021 season, mint green is in the first place. Although this color is very intense, it provides fresh air as long as you use it well. Mint green is very cute, and it looks great on pants or other items of clothing.


Concerning other colors, white goes very well with this one. On the other hand, you can also mix it with beige and other jean garments.




When it comes to difficult colors, orange takes the cake. However, if you add it to your outfit, you’ll be able to convey a feeling of energy. A good look would be using an orange garment on top of jeans for example. Now, if you want to mix it with different colors, we recommend turquoise, yellow, blue, purple, and brown.




Red garments are very striking, and they grab the attention of everyone. Because of this, more women than men choose it to create their outfits. If you want to add it to your own style, you can combine it with blue-gray, white or yellow. Red is a popular color among those who want to enhance their personality. After all, with it, you won’t ever go unnoticed.


White, summer colors 


This is a color that never goes out of style no matter the season. With it, you can create many kinds of outfits suited for each occasion. What’s great about it is that you can pair it up with any color, which means that you won’t ever run out of options or ideas. Have in mind that it’s a magnet for stains, so be careful with it to always look stunning.


What do you think about these colors?


Now that you know what are those colors will shape 2021, we hope you’re ready to use them. Turn this summer into a season of freshness and creativity with them. We are sure that with these colors you will be able to create the best outfits. All you have to do is choose the ones you like best and maintain a good balance.


If you already have clothes in these colors, don’t be afraid to pair them up. You can also start to look for the best accessories for them! Now, if you don’t have them yet, there’s a lot of brands ready to offer them to you. Just look for the best one for you and choose the best pieces. This way, you’ll be able to create an impressive outfit and stand out no matter where you go.


Photo by: DMAG Runway of Bafweek 


Fashion trends - 5 Secret Beauty Tips for Dry Skin in Winter - title

Winter brings tremendous joy along with it. Whether it’s a cup of hot coffee in the morning or playing around a bonfire at night. We wait for the beautiful cold season. I’m pretty sure you must have a reason to wait for winter that makes you feel excited and happy about it. 5 Secret Beauty Tips for Dry Skin in Winter.


Everyone loves and deserves to enjoy their favorite season. But for dry skin folks, winters become a matter of concern that keeps them from enjoying it fully.


Well, there is no problem without a solution. It’s the same for dry skin in winters. Taking care of dry skin is a big task. And in the winter seasons, it becomes even harder. Maybe it reminds you of the struggle you faced last winter with dry skin problems. We have got some incredible tips for you to take care of your dry skin. These tips are effective and less time-consuming so that you can enjoy winter with a sparkling glow on your face.


Aren’t you interested in knowing why your skin becomes dull in winters? I’m sure you want to know the cause behind dry and flaky skin. Let’s find out.


Why Skin Becomes Dull in Winters


Maybe you noticed our skin tends to respond differently in every season. We can’t really control the weather, but one thing we have in control is taking care of our skin according to the seasons and our skin requirements.


In winter, our skin has to confront cold dry air, which is relatively harsh on almost every skin type. Dry skin is no less than a nightmare. It evaporates moisture from the skin and leaves it dry and flaky. 


Some lovely souls with extra dry skin experience severe skin dryness that leads to skin peeling, itchiness, fine lines, and deep cracks on the skin. Everybody takes care of their body and skin according to the time and knowledge they have. 


Rest assured! The amazing tips you are about to learn will keep your skin moisturized and save you from harsh cold air.


5 Secret Beauty Tips For Dry Skin In Winters


Do you know what happens to a plant when it doesn’t get enough sun exposure and water? It dries out and becomes fragile. It doesn’t smell good or entices anybody. Isn’t that the same thing that happens to our skin in winters? For dry skin, winter is an adverse season. It needs proper hydration, nourishment, and moisturizer to help it look captivating.


Giving glowing skin to dry-skin people in winters seems extremely time-consuming and next to impossible. But it’s easier and less time-consuming than you think. You just need to follow some good skincare habits as well as unfollow non-effective skincare habits.


Follow these amazing beauty tips to make your skin glow in the winter.


  • Keep your skin moisturized: Freezing cold temperature with dry harsh air deprives the skin of moisture. It evaporates very quickly so in order to keep your skin moisturized you should apply as much moisturizer as your skin needs it.


Skin moisturizing formula plays a huge role, giving your skin what it needs in order to be healthy. If you are using water-based lotion or sunscreen lotion or cream in winter and wondering why your skin is getting dry and dull, I urge you to stop it. Instead, use an oil-based moisturizer or formula-based lotion to get your natural glow back. 


Shea butter, almond oil, avocado oil, and coconut oil-based lotions work best for dry skin. And here is a little extra tip for you. Moisturizing right after the bath helps to lock in moisture. So never forget to do it in winters.


  • Stay hydrated: Moisturizing your skin is not enough. If your body is dehydrated it doesn’t matter how much quality moisturizing you try to instill in the skin. It will never be enough. 


Usually, in winters we think our body doesn’t require as much water and hydration compared to summer. But it’s not like that. You need it as much as in summers even if you don’t feel dehydrated. If you are busy with work and tend to forget your basic hydration needs, use reminder apps. They are always here to serve you.


Water is good, but what about other nutrients your skin needs to glow most?


You can infuse yourself with the goodness of fruits and veggies. It will not only keep you hydrated but also nurture your skin with vital nutrients.


  • Get nourished with natural oils: Almond oil, castor oil, olive oil, coconut oil, and avocado oil are hyped by celebrities for their amazing properties. Probably it sounds old school because now we have a variety of innovative products to choose from. Then, why do we need to use oil? 


Most beauty products include these amazing oils as their unique selling point. People like us are attracted to it because somewhere we know these goodies work better than anything else for the skin.


I’m not telling you to use these magical oils in the daytime. I won’t do it either. But you can make these a part of your night skincare regime. All you have to do is wash your face and massage it on your skin. Then, just go to sleep. And get a natural glow every day.


  • Avoid hot showers: The idea of getting a cold shower in winter can appall us. Besides, some people struggle to take baths even with hot water in winters. So, it seems like the most difficult task on earth without any reward.


You will get soft moisturized skin as a reward for taking a cold shower. For dry skin people, hot water should be avoided at any cost. In fact, it not only removes natural oils from the skin but also damages it. As a result, skin becomes extremely dry, flaky, and starts to peel. It may lead to serious skin problems.


Taking cold showers is a small sacrifice to make for your skin.


  • Make a shift in your makeup products: Are you using a matte primer, foundation, and matte face powder in winters? Please don’t! 


Using matte, silicon, and even water-based products for dry skin in winters is no different from shooting yourself in the foot. Let me guide you to use the right formulated makeup that doesn’t dry out the skin and helps nourish it deeply.


Firstly, you need to use top primers for dry skin that work as a smooth canvas to provide seamless makeup application without drying out the skin. Don’t use a gel or matte primer in winters, it can lead to extreme dryness and will make your skin lifeless.


Secondly, if you don’t want your makeup to slip off and dry out, you need to use top foundations for dry skin that stay up long without making your skin flaky. Along with it, I strongly suggest avoiding using a foundation with a matte finish, water-based, and more importantly, a foundation that contains alcohol will aggravate dryness on an extreme level.


The third tip is not to put multiple layers of makeup. Also, use a blender for an evenly spread foundation, and exclude face powder from your makeup kit in winters. Other makeup products are fine to use.


Charismatic look and skincare both are dependent on your choice of primer and foundation. It may enhance or spoil either of them. So don’t use products that you think are good but use products that actually fit your skin type.


Wrapping up: Freezing cold winters cause dry, patchy, flaky, and dull skin. So it needs to get proper nourishment to revive its natural glow. We have shared some effective and easy tips to get the skin you love.


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Fashion Trends - buy a designer bag - title

Why buy a designer bag is a good choice? The fashion industry is full of versatility and variety when it comes to clothing. This way, you can always create the perfect look. Bags, for their part, aren’t the exception. No matter where you go, you’ll be able to find a wide variety of bags. Besides, buying designer bags have always been a great investment you’ll never regret.


However, it’s true that, just like other industries during the pandemic, fashion brands had a big drop in their sales. Nonetheless, this isn’t a reason to stop buying designer bags. After all, they are synonymous with craftsmanship and exclusivity.


Besides being a great complement to your outfit, for many people and companies, designer bags are a great investment.


Why do people choose to buy designer bags?


While many people see designer products as a great investment, others see it as a waste of money. But, the truth is that spending money on designer accessories is very beneficial.


First, designer bags are an accessory that’s granted to last you for a lifetime. This is because the best designers use only the best materials to create them. Besides, they hardly, if ever, grow outdated. As a result, with them, you will always be at the forefront of fashion trends.


Of course, getting one of these designer bags entails spending a lot of money. As you can imagine, they’re very expensive, unlike copies, or those made with poor quality materials.


However, it’s a fact that many women dream of having at least one designer bag in their closet. Why? Because they know that they will get a luxury piece that will last over time. Thus, spending a high sum of money doesn’t bother them. Besides, they also know that after using it many times, they can pass it down to their children or another relative.


Designer bags and high-quality materials go hand in hand


For a bag to pass the test of time in perfect condition, it must be a high-quality product made with the best materials. This is something that only the best and exclusive designers can offer. As a result, when buying a designer bag, you know you’re getting your money’s worth.


If you can afford to buy a designer bag, don’t ever doubt going for it. Look for the one you like best and buy it at once, we promise it’s worth it. If you don’t know where to look, designer stores are the way to go due to their variety.


On the other hand, you can also look in a thrift store. Many owners leave their bags there so that somebody else can buy them. Some of these bags are very old but due to their quality, they will look brand new. However, just because they are in a thrift store doesn’t mean they’re cheap. But their price will for sure be lower than a new designer bag.


If you want to buy a new, exclusive designer bag, there are many designer stores where you can look. In all of them, you will find unique brands worth their price.


What are the best designer bags?


Do you want to buy a beautiful designer bag? These are your best options:




This brand is now one of the most renowned fashion brands in the industry. Because of this, you will see its bags in the arms of the most important celebrities. Their small black bags with gold details are the most sought-after product alongside their blue and yellow models. The average price for Chanel bags is around $6,000.


Christian Dior


In this brand, a particular bag stands out for its design created in honor of England’s Princess Diana. Today, the most important catwalks showcase a wide variety of Lady Dior bags for a price of around $5,600.


Louis Vuitton


Luxury leather goods are what make this brand stand out. Ever since its beginnings, this brand has created the most iconic bag collections. The person who wears one of these bags knows its models will match any kind of outfit. Even if there are different prices, you can get one of these bags for $1,050




Celine bags always stand out from the crowd because of their usually large size. With one of these, you’ll be able to carry all your belongings with you without issue. Many celebrities love this brand and buy them from a price range of around $4,000




This brand isn’t only known for its bags as their designs also include clothing, shoes, and much more. Since the 50s, Gucci reached a high position in the fashion world. Today, many consider it to be one of the main fashion brands within the industry. Besides this, it offers a wide variety of bags that no one can resist. Their prices are also very varied, ranging from $630 to $37,400.


Which designer bag are you going to buy?


Designer bags are also a good option for everyday use. Because of this, it’s wrong to think that you can only wear them on special occasions. Depending on your style and personality, you will have to choose between small or more practical bags to have more space.


Bags are charming accessories. Because of this, most people spend their money on their favorite models without regrets. This makes sense, after all when buying a cheap bag it will only last a short time. Instead, by buying an original one, you will get a piece that will last as long as you want, even decades.


By reading a little about the creative process behind these pieces, you’ll notice the care and focus of these brands to create only the highest quality products. As a result, you won’t be wasting your money or time by getting a designer bag for yourself. Besides, a designer bag will always make you look elegant and sophisticated in the eyes of others. So, what are you waiting for? Look for your favorite designer bag and create the best look to stand out.


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Fashion Trends -Evening dress - title

How to choose the correct evening dress for every occasion? A woman who keeps up-to-date with the newest trends always strives to look elegant. Because of this, there are many kinds of elegant dresses perfect for each occasion. For example, by choosing the right dress for a meeting, you’ll be able to easily stand out. In the world of fashion, there’s a variety of evening dresses to choose from. However, not all of them can fit your needs.


Most events are important, and looking elegant will be a must. Because of this, most fashion experts recommend using an evening dress. However, to wear one you take into account factors such as the occasion, your measurements, and age. As a result, you must choose wisely to show off an elegant aura no matter when. You could be at a wedding, graduation, or a party, and you’ll always look amazing.


What are the characteristics of an evening dress?


Usually, evening dresses offer a sense of elegance because of certain factors. These can be either the type of cut or their fabrics. Most people consider these dresses to be formal because they’re long and use fancy fabrics. For example, silk, satin, velvet, and chiffon.


Sometimes, people confuse this type of dress with prom dresses. However, ball gowns have a full and wide skirt with no straps on the top.


On the other hand, evening dresses come in many shapes and adapt to any type of silhouette. The most common type is the “mermaid” type which is very tight to the body.


Evening dresses are very high-quality, and that’s why women use them for formal events where elegance reigns.


Aspects to take into account when choosing an elegant evening dress


The type of cut 


The type of cut is one of the main characteristics to choose an evening dress. When you choose an evening dress, you must feel beautiful and comfortable. That’s why you should measure your dress, and move around a little to see if that’s the right cut.


In general, at night long dresses stand out a lot more. However, there are exceptions where a short dress will be more striking. Apart from the length, consider the type of neckline, the skirt’s shape and see if your figure looks good.


When you have chosen the ideal type of cut, choose the best accessories to complement the shape of the dress.


The right color


Before choosing an evening dress you should keep in mind the color of your skin. If you have dark skin, you should choose your evening dresses in dark tones such as gray or black. Dark blue, for example, is another shade that looks perfect on brown skin and allows you to create a sensational look.


For white skin, colors like orange, yellow or pink look great, and you can mix them with shiny fabrics for a more striking effect.


The party venue 


Choosing an evening dress isn’t an easy task, because you must consider several aspects before making your final choice. For example, ankle-high dresses are mostly used at night. Besides, you must also take the weather into account. So, if you’re going to a party beach, it’s granted to become very hot. Because of this, you should choose a dress from another model to suit this event better.


You should also take into account the occasion at hand. If it’s an event late at night, such as a birthday, a cocktail dress is a right choice. However, if it’s a party for a wedding, a long dress will be perfect for it. For a cocktail dress to look as elegant as a full-length one, it must be mid-length or a little above the knee.


The type of event 


If you’re going to a wedding, you must avoid wearing white at all costs. Otherwise, you run the risk of overshadowing the bride on her special moment and thus, disrespecting her. Remember, it’s about her, not you. 


For graduations, however, you can use a tasteful cocktail dress, since it’s very likely for the graduate to wear a long dress. Once again, it’s her time to shine, let her do it.


The texture of the fabric 


Choosing the correct fabric for your evening dress is also vital to look stunning. The fabric of your dress must be consistent with the event’s location. If you’re going to the beach, you should use a flared dress to remain comfortable and fresh at all times. Beaches are also great to show a little cleavage and be daring.


For parties that take place in the middle of a city, you should choose a dress able to keep you warm.


Ready to choose the best evening dress to look elegant?


As you already know, evening dresses are more formal than others, and you can wear them on some important occasions. If looking elegant is what you want, you must not use too many accessories at once. Otherwise, you will overshadow your whole outfit.


Now that you know the points you should take into account to choose the most suitable evening dress for you, you should do a thorough search. Have in mind that to find the best evening dress for you, you must be patient. After all, you might need to go to several stores to find the ideal model.


It’s common for evening dresses to be more expensive than others because they provide a lot of elegance. This is due to several factors such as the type of fabric and the time it takes to sew one of these pieces. If you can’t find an evening dress that you like in stores, you can have an exclusive designer make it for you. This way you will ensure that it meets your expectations.


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Fashion Trends - accessories - title

10 accessories that will add a touch of elegance to your look. If you have a closet full of clothes, you can create elegant looks. However, it’s always important to use accessories that help you obtain a unique style. For this, there’s a wide variety of accessories available in the market you can buy to combine them.


Apart from wearing trendy clothing, accessories have also become an indispensable piece in any look. Because of this, you must pay attention to this list. Here’s you’ll find 10 accessories to make you create more elegant looks.


Take a look at the 10 accessories you can mix to get an elegant look


If you like to include beautiful accessories in your looks, know which the ones that provide greater elegance are:


  • Watches


Watches are one of the most important accessories in your look. This is because, apart from contributing to your look, you can choose a custom model. Watches come in many designs, with classics or modern being the most sought after.


Thanks to the variety of watches that exist on the market, you can get different models. This way you can have one for both a casual look and for a more formal one by providing elegance. Besides, watches have the advantage of enhancing any outfit, and they’re very comfortable. Because of this, you can use them while doing any type of activity.


One of the most sophisticated types of watches are the gold ones. So, if you want to look more elegant you can choose a digital model in either steel or leather.


  • Handkerchiefs 


Scarves are one of the accessories that look most elegant in any type of look. What’s great about them is their high level of versatility.


In this sense, you can even use one of these on your head if you want to save time with your hair. Otherwise, you can use one in your neck to the color palette of your look. Added to this, you can also wear them tied to your bag’s handle to make them more useful.


  • Gold earrings 


Regardless of the color, you choose to put together your look for the day, gold earrings will always be a good complement. If you have a simple outfit, don’t worry since the gold color offers a lot of elegance to any occasion.


Many people shy away from wearing gold earrings with non-party looks, as it’s a very striking color. However, if you are an outgoing person, this color will be perfect for you because it quickly attracts attention. On the other hand, you can also wear long earrings with different designs.


Now, if you are more reserved, you can also use small gold earrings. The good news is that just as there are a wide variety of gold earrings, there are other gold accessories you can use. Thus allowing you to create unique and elegant looks.


  • Pins 


When talking about pins as accessories to complement your look, the color black isn’t your online choice. Nowadays, there’s a variety of pins made with pearls and other appliques. As a result, you can choose the one that best suits your outfit and makes it stand out.


These pieces go well with looks made up of jeans, dresses, skirts, and whatever garment you like to use often. To make the pins look eye-catching, remember that less is more, so putting on a pair of them will be enough.


  • Glasses 


Having a collection of glasses in your closet will be the best thing you can do. They are a fundamental accessory to look elegant, and it doesn’t have to be a sunny day to be able to wear them. Lovers of elegance dare to create great looks with different designs and colors of glasses. All because they go well with most clothing items.


Of course, there are times when glasses won’t look consistent with your outfits, but you can get a lot out of them with most of your looks.


  • Purses


Bags are yet another accessory that must be part of your look, especially those with a short handle. In general, when you want to put together an elegant look, it’s better to carry small bags. In them, you can carry some essential items such as your money and cell phone.


Leather, suede, and velvet fabrics are some of the most sophisticated fabrics used to create bags. These provide an even higher level of elegance to any look.


  • Pearls 


Jewelry made of or with pearls has always been popular, and it will remain to be so. This is because it increases the beauty of the women who wear them. So, if you want to create a look for an important meeting or a special occasion, you can use pearl earrings or a pearl necklace to look fascinating.


The appearance of pearls will always be unique, and for this reason, they are considered an icon of elegance.


  • Necklaces 


Most followers of elegance have necklaces to combine them with their looks. But if you still don’t know which types of necklaces are the most appropriate, you should know that thin ones allow you to fulfill the task of being elegant.


In general, very long or thick necklaces look exaggerated and in the end, they aren’t the most convenient. To these pieces, you can add some striking appliqué to personalize it and combine it with the outfit you choose for different occasions.


  • Headbands 


The advantage of headbands is that they can be used by women of any age and provide a lot of styles. Some of them come with fancy diamonds, and they are perfect to achieve the elegant look that you like so much.


When talking of elegance, headbands in velvet or solid colors will be the most appropriate to wear. Metallic headbands also manage to make you wear a very elegant hairstyle with which you can attend a casual or more formal meeting.


  • Rings 


Gold and silver rings can bring a touch of elegance to any type of look. In fact, they allow you to play with your different outfits and mix gold and silver. Thin rings are fancier, and as a result, they tend to be more expensive than the most striking ones.


If you decide to use rings to complement your look, you won’t need to use a bracelet or other flashy accessories. Only using these rings will be enough to achieve an elegant and classy look.


Did you like the 10 accessories that you can use for an elegant look?


As a follower of elegance, your accessories collection should include some of these pieces to stand out. For each type of look, choose an accessory that will complement the elegance that characterizes you.


Remember that you don’t need to wear many accessories at the same time. Always have in mind that extravagance doesn’t go hand in hand with elegance.


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